Govt’s claim that GECOM not ready is just an excuse to delay going to polls – former PNC MP

Former PNCR parliamentarian Dave Danny speaking with reporters on the sidelines of PPP’s protest on Tuesday
Former PNCR parliamentarian Dave Danny speaking with reporters on the sidelines of PPP’s protest on Tuesday

Longstanding People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) stalwart and Member of Parliament, Dave Danny and his son joined scores of People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) protesters outside the Ministry of the Presidency on Tuesday as they continue to mount pressure on the coalition Government to resign and call elections.

Danny Senior, who served as a PNCR parliamentarian in the 8th and 9th Parliament, and his son, Dave Danny Jnr, who announced his resignation from the party last week, held placards calling for elections as they marched outside the President’s Office.

Speaking with reporters, Danny Snr related that he joined the protest because he is tired of Government’s excuse for not adhering to constitutional rule.

“The Constitution is clear that [within] 90 days, elections should be called and the excuse they having about GECOM (Guyana Elections Commission) not being ready is just an excuse to prolong [the delays of holding elections]… You have to be able to adhere to the rule of law but people don’t want to obey the law, and they expect you to obey the law. So the reason I’m here is that I would like to see the rule of law [adhered to] and if you don’t practice what you preach then you gotta be a hypocrite,” he asserted.

Dave Danny Jnr at PPP/C’s protest on Tuesday

Meanwhile, his son, Danny Jr, echoed similar sentiments, declaring that the caretaker Government has no respect for the country’s Constitution.

“We see that the Government and the President clearly has no respect for the Constitution, they’re just sitting there. I don’t know what they waiting on… this cannot go on,” he noted.

According to the younger Danny, Guyanese are frustrated with the state of affairs in the country caused by the actions of the coalition Government.

“People are suffering… and people are preparing to run out of this place because people are afraid of their lives…,” he asserted.

Only last week Danny Jnr made headlines after announcing his resignation from the PNCR, ending three generations of commitment and dedication by his bloodline to the party.

In a video shared on social media by the PPP, Danny Jr said he left the party because of the many downfalls of the PNC-led coalition Government but most specifically, its failure to deliver on their promises made in the manifesto.

He had stated too that the APNU/AFC Government continues to ignore the plights of its supporters.

The younger Danny is a Government Regional Councillor in Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) and a former PNC Youth Executive.