Govt will not be engaging US delegation here on “fact-finding mission”

President Dr Irfaan Ali

See below for a Statement from the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana:

The Government of Guyana notes from publications on social media that a
delegation from the United States of America intends to travel to Guyana on Monday,
November 13, 2023 for a “fact finding mission”. This delegation and the intended
visit appear to have resulted from a conference organised by Rickford Burke, a
Guyanese residing in Brooklyn, New York.

During the month of September, 2023, Burke organised a so-called “Conference on
Guyana” in Washington, DC, to which the Government of Guyana was not invited but
which was attended by members of the Opposition. This one-sided engagement
presented the platform for Opposition Politicians to spew concocted and fabricated
narratives about the Government of Guyana, including their usual diatribe about
racial discrimination and extra judicial killings, without any fact-checking
mechanism and without the Government being afforded a hearing or the facility of a
response. It is obvious that these jaundiced, baseless and unfounded narratives of
these Opposition Politicians, unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, have
influenced this delegation.

Burke is wanted by law enforcement agencies in Guyana for a number of criminal
offences for which he is charged, including, extortion of Guyanese businessmen.
These charges are pending before Magistrates’ Courts in Guyana. Burke is publicly
known for his daily diet of racist rants on social media with the intent of exciting
racial hostilities, strife and ethnic violence among the different ethnic groups of
Guyana. His inane rantings are invariably directed at the People’s Progressive Party
Civic (PPP/C) Government.

That Burke’s Facebook Page is the main medium for the dissemination of
information regarding this visit, only serves to compound the matter. From the
missive disseminated, it is clear that Burke has not only determined the Terms of
Reference of this “fact finding mission” but has also essayed the findings of this
mission even before it has commenced. This is nothing but a politically driven and
orchestrated design by opponents of the Government which seems to have ensnared
certain office holders within certain a few States’ Legislature in the US. As a result, the Government of Guyana will not be engaging this delegation acting in their private
capacities as this is a clear interference in Guyana’s domestic politics with a bias
towards the political Opposition in Guyana.

Any delegation that is interested in a “fact finding mission” of the problems that
Guyana and Guyanese have faced historically and in the recent past must enquire
into the following:

1. Fraudulent elections in 1968, 1973, 1980 and 1985;
2. The massive violations of human rights and freedoms of the people of Guyana
during 28 years of dictatorial rule from 1968 to 1992;
3. The abuse, violence and killing of persons opposed to the Government,
including, the assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney, a world-renowed historian
and a black political leader, and Father Bernard Darke, a Jesuit priest;
4. The total mismanagement of Guyana’s economy from 1968 to 1992, leaving
Guyana as the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, second only
to Haiti;
5. Widespread racial and ethnic discrimination between 1968 and 1992;
6. Rampant corruption, mismanagement and racial discrimination between 2015
to 2020;
7. 30,000 Guyanese losing jobs between 2015 to 2020; and
8. Flagrant, multiple attempts to fraudulently alter the results to the March 2,
2020 General and Regional Elections in the presence of international
observers and the diplomatic community.

The above list is not by any means exhaustive, but those are a few broad areas upon
which we can commission a fact-finding mission by anyone who is interested in
Guyana and its people’s welfare.