Govt to help families affected by Sophia fire


The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security (MoHSSS) says it will be offering varied assistance to five families that were displaced by a fire that ravaged several living quarters at Sophia, Greater Georgetown on April 14, 2021.

In that fire, 74-year-old Vanci Hodge lost her life.

Subject Minister Dr. Vindhya Persaud extended her condolences to Ms Hodge’s family for their loss.

She also revealed the Ministry has already reached out to the husband, Leon James, with a commitment to contribute to the funeral expenses, and assist with the repairs to his scorched home.

In an invited comment Mr James stated that he was “grateful for the help.”

The Ministry will also be providing accommodations to two families, including rent, as they seek to rebuild their lives.

Meanwhile, the special needs of the seven children affected will also be provided by the Ministry.

According to Persaud, losing one’s home to fire is a devastating and traumatic ordeal, adding that during this period the victims need emotional and financial support. “So, I am encouraging members of the public to lend support anyway they can.”