Govt signs agreement with Int’l Solar Alliance

Solar farm stock image

Guyana on Tuesday signed a Grant Agreement with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) for a solar demonstration project at the Orealla Health Centre, Region 6. 

Deodat Indar, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, attended a virtual side event of the Fourth Assembly of the ISA on October 18, 2021 where a signing ceremony was held for the Grant Agreements approved under the USD 50,000 ISA grant for LDC and SIDS member countries. The objectives of the ISA support are to: 

  • Provide technical and financial support to LDCs and SIDS Member Countries of ISA for implementation of innovative demonstration solar projects;
  • Provide support in building resilience in key sectors such as agriculture and health in the backdrop of the COVID crisis
  • Create a market for innovative solar technologies and to increase their access in LDCs and SIDS Member Countries
  • Foster innovation in business model, finance, technology and implementation modalities

Guyana submitted a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the installation of a 9kWp Grid-tie Solar Photovoltaic System at the Orealla Health Centre, Region 6 which was approved by the ISA. The solar PV system will have an accompanying Battery Energy Storage System of 37kWh to facilitate back-up storage at the Health Centre for periods of power outage or cloud cover. This intervention is geared at fostering improvement in the provision of health services and an overall increase in socio-economic development within the community. The Grant Agreement between ISA and Guyana was signed on October 18, 2021 for the release of funds and project implementation. 

During the signing ceremony, Minister Indar thanked the International Solar Alliance (ISA) for the initiative that they have taken to set up Demonstration Projects within a developing economy like Guyana. He highlighted that the implementation of this project will go a long way in ascertaining that citizen at the grassroots level gain access to clean energy which not only makes their lives easier, but also aids in save on costs that would have otherwise been incurred in purchase of fuels.

“With the solarization of health facilities being done in Guyana through funding provided by the ISA, the Government hope to see a similar impact in the lives of Guyanese. It is the Government’s aim to replicate the work being done in many different parts of the country so that we could broaden the scale of impact. This project adds to the efforts the Government of Guyana is already undertaking to deploy solar energy solutions as a means of providing access to clean energy, ensuring energy security for all Guyanese and businesses, and driving a just transition away from primitive sources of energy,” Minister Indar explained.

Minister Indar added that Guyana hopes to see many more such initiatives from the International Solar Alliance that could aid in moving the country towards its strategic objectives of a clean and green energy future for the country. In the process, the Government would also like to develop internal capacity so as to customize the technology to the country’s needs and drive innovation in terms of business models, financing and implementation modalities.

Minister Indar also reaffirmed Guyana’s commitment to the strategic goals of the International Solar Alliance geared towards greater success in the promotion of clean energy.