Eyewitness: Confusion…


…in policing

Your Eyewitness isn’t that confused about the seeming confusion about policing in Guyana. After all, he’s known for a long time that for most of the recruits to the GPF, being a policeman is just another hustle! At least, when the Brits were ruling, we knew the Police were always on our tail – but they were consistent. They operated on the premise that what was good for the Brits was good for Guyana. It was a kind of equal opportunity “keeping us in their place”.

But nowadays, whose interest is the Police serving? Certainly not the Government’s – as some from the Opposition quarters are insisting fervidly. Think about it. Would the Government host a meeting by the President of the land on the Essequibo and then instruct a bunch of SWAT Police to barge in on a businessman in the middle of the night and shoot him dead?? Didn’t think so! And to make matters worse, they haven’t even announced what’s the status of the “investigation” into the shooting.

Then take the biggest botheration for most ordinary Guyanese – who’ve now moved up the economic ladder and own cars. It’s the dread of being hustled on the road by the traffic cops for no other reason than to provide them with a “Granger”. That is, the green-coloured $5000 dollar bill. They insist that’s the price of the Chinese Fried Rice they just gotta have. Your Eyewitness recently tried to question as to why he was being pulled over – since he’s read that just a handful of their speed guns were calibrated. And just brandishing them like Ninja Nunchucks doesn’t calibrate them! Surely, these shenanigans don’t benefit the Government, do they?

But your Eyewitness understands where the Opposition’s coming from. During their 28-year stint at the wheel – through their nefarious, dastardly doings – they used the Police as their special goon squad. Their speciality were delivering condign beatings to attendees at Opposition meetings; raiding private hovels to seize flour and sardines; eavesdropping on conversations in rum shops to “carry-news” on neighbours whose tongues might’ve been loosened – and every now and then, assassinating suspected “subversives”. The kind of folks who’d let themselves be used like this couldn’t be exactly top drawer, could they?
To the PNC, it’s unbelievable that after their 23 years in charge, the PPP wouldn’t be doing the same as they did with the Police to do their bidding. Maybe it’s possible that the Police themselves are confused!! They can’t believe that they should “serve and protect”, not those in power – but the people! It’s up to “we the people” to insist they stick to the straight and narrow.
And we don’t facilitate their craving for “fried rice”!

…in the PNC

Those who think the PNC’s gonna disappear have another think coming. If it ever does, it’ll be – as they say in the business world – a “cancel and replace” proposition. That is, a whole new party will have to come along and replace what it stands for completely. And what does it stand for? Well, Guyanese just wanna be represented “by their own”. And while the PPP’s done a good job of splintering away some of the PNC’s base, the majority will remain skittish. Just as the PPP’s base shifted, but returned between 2015 and 2020.
But this confusion in selecting a new leadership isn’t helping either the old or a new PNC taking root. The “hold me, loose me” attitude of Granger and Harmon as to their intentions has really thrown some for a loop. From what’s developing, it looks like Norton’s the front runner to take over…but in addition to the aforementioned dyspeptic duo, Volda’s gonna be a wild card.
That’ll guarantee another period of marking time.

…on Spanish working girls

The Spanish PM plans to re-criminalise prostitution in his country. Seems that since the oldest profession in the world was legalised some years ago, 300,000 prostitutes are selling their services.
Competition’s not good?