Gov’t satisfied with promotion of Leonora Torture Cops


By Fareeza Haniff

The burnt genitals of the 15 - year- old.
The burnt genitals of the 15 – year- old.

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon says government is satisfied with the recent decision of the Police Service Commission (PSC) to promote the police officers who were charged with torturing a 15 – year – old boy in 2008 at the Leonora Police Station.

Dr Luncheon told Reporters at a post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday, January 28 that the PSC provided a satisfactory explanation to Cabinet justifying the promotion of police officers Mohanran Dolai and Narine Lall.

Dolai was recently promoted to Corporal while Lall was promoted to Inspector.

Back in 2008, they were both charged with intent to maim, disfigure, disable or cause grievous bodily harm by burning the genitals of 15-year-old Twyon Thomas. The teenager was arrested in connection with the death of then Region Three Vice Chairman, Ramenaught Bisram.

The case against them was dismissed after the teenager did not show up in Court to testify.

According to Dr Luncheon, “the PSC, satisfied in having satisfied itself that the matter had been concluded and whatever recourse to the law, to departmental charges…the two police men were no longer to subject to discipline or legal challenges for the torture charges that were laid against them.”



  1. This scenario goes to show the respect the PPP/C have for Guyanese especially is they are poor. Burn a man’s genitals you get promoted. Only in Guyana, Only by the PPP/C government. Now if Indians can see that this is so wrong, well I give up there is no hope for them.

  2. Roger this is utter nonsense. In any organization which requires public confidence the fact that you are charged and found even of the slightest form wrongdoing will never find employment in their lifetime in a similar field of work

  3. Shame on you Mr. Luncheon to give your support to such an inhuman act there two officers should have been fired and thrown in jail. How would you Mr. Luncheon like for one of your family to be treated this way or you yourself. I am in shock of you decision. I always had great respect for your intelligence but you have proven you are no better than the rest. you and all the others should be put on a ship out in the Atlantic and then torpedo it.

  4. This is the kind of Democracy and respect these lawless fools think they can do and laugh about. In 92 we got what we wanted ( CHANGE ) the rope is running out and 11th of May JUDGEMENT DAY ,,I only hope and wish all Guyanese will respect the results. The will of the ppl should be respected.

  5. They should have been jailed they r criminal wearing police uniform only in Guyana can this happen if it was in the US these officers would have been jailed I can’t believe that they are still in the force

  6. I am amazed that Dr. Luncheon would utter such nonsense. It is akin to saying, except for the killing of the Jews Hitler did good for Germany.
    I can only hope that Guyanese kick these idiots out of office in May.


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