Gov’t restores tax free overtime for bauxite workers


Bauxite[] –Minister of State, Joseph Harmon says that Government has taken a decision to restore tax free overtime benefits to bauxite workers after the benefit was withdrawn in 2007.

Harmon made the announcement at a press conference on Wednesday, where he pointed out that the benefit was “arbitrarily” snatched from bauxite workers.

“Cabinet approved the reinstatement of tax free overtime benefits to bauxite workers…in 1988 bauxite workers were granted tax free concessions on overtime work. These concessions were enjoyed by workers until 2007 when they were arbitrarily taken away by the previous administration,” he stated.

Harmon indicated that the removal of the tax waiver was seen as some sort of punishment for Region 10 hence the new Government thought it only right to restore the waiver.

“This withdrawal adversely affected the earning of bauxite workers in linden and Kwakwani and was seen as a punitive measure…so it’s basically correcting that situation,” Harmon said.



  1. Since the reinstatement of the tax free overtime… there has been no evidence of such on our payslips, and trust me, we at BOSAI worked our asses off, yet there is no difference in our salary. someone needs to look into this. I work 8 days @ 12 hours each

  2. Guess what Maharanee this Defacto Government will continue to look after their own and stifle the sugar workers. This is a bunch of racist idiots.

  3. While those in the sugar industry story continue to the struggle for their Production Bonus incentive and for Guysuco to start wages negotiations. These workers have, historically, been fighting for every penny or cent more especially during the PNC dictatorship and now the de facto APNU/AFC administration
    Talk of discrimination!!!! It’s clear for ALL to see


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