Gov’t responds to questions on Jagdeo’s health, other benefits



Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

[] – Former President Bharrat Jagdeo utilized over $45 million dollars on electricity, transportation and security since demitting office in December 2011 up to February 2014, according to information provided to the National Assembly by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh.

The Finance Minister was responding to questions asked by Opposition MP, Desmond Trotman. In a breakdown, the Former President utilized under benefits provided by the state $9,875,680 on electricity over the 27 months period with more than $1 million for June 2012 and February 2013.

For transportation, Jagdeo utilized a total of $15,220,748. It was noted that all vehicular assets are the property of the state.

The Former President utilized a total of $20,321,520 for security over the 27 months period with a average of $700,000 monthly. All security services are done by serving members of the Presidential Guard Services.

The number of vehicles and guards provided to the former President were not provided.

Trotman had also asked for the total health expenses of the former president and his dependents for each month since demitting office. This was not provided.

The benefits provided to Jagdeo are provided for under the Act which caters for benefits for Former Presidents.

Jagdeo was President from 11 August 1999, to 3 December 2011. He holds a number of global leadership positions in the areas of sustainable development, green growth and climate change.

Prior to his presidency, he was Minister of Finance and became President after Janet Jagan resigned for health reasons. Subsequently he won two elections, in 2001 and 2006. He was the first President of Guyana to relinquish office in accordance with term limits he signed into the Guyanese Constitution.



  1. yeah he deserve what he getting but so do the people deserve more than they getting too. electricity cost to Guyanese except those in Linden is an albatross around hard working innocent taxpaying Guyanese.The law abiding citizens of Guyana needs the same protection he gets. He and his team and Granger and his team will never be mugged in the streets nor will bandits invade their homes to beat rob rape sexually molest or kill them. Guyanese deserves lots more.

  2. this man who give guyanees a voice and show us the way out of poverty made guyana gain respect on the world stage should be left alone he deserve all that he gets because he earnd it the opposition like the donot have eany ting that will make guyana move foward to debate in parlament they are wasting more tax payers moneys by wasting time in parlament

  3. I have supported Dr Jagdeo consistently over the years and will continue to support him. I urge him to do the right thing and don’t let us down.
    If your expenses are out of line, please pay it back Sir.
    I consider myself a close one. Take heed when close ones make recommendations.
    What we will overlook, the Opposition will amplify.

  4. This is a compete waste of taxpayers money. I support taking care of an excellent president who served his country, I am a huge fan of Dr. Jagdeo but this is outrageous. $700,000 spent in a month for electrify for a man who is frequently traveling ?
    His expenses so far after emitting office is far more than his salary during his presidency. Isn’t there something wrong here?


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