Gov’t renting Granger’s former Office for $400,000 monthly

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

[] – Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Tuesday told media operatives that the building on Hadfield Street, which once served as the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, is now being leased as an annex to the Minister of the Presidency.

He said that the government is paying the same rent that was paid under the Former PPP administration.

That rent is some $400,000 per month. Harmon indicated that the building houses Presidential Advisors and their staff.

It is owned by the law firm – Hughes, Stoby and Fields.

Harmon says that the political Opposition can access the resources that are for use by the Office of the Opposition Leader, at any time that is convenient to them.

Harmon made the comment after People’s Progressive Party Chief Whip Gail Teixeira complained that the work of the Opposition Leader’s office was being hindered.

Teixeira claimed that this was due to some unwillingness on the Part of the government to relinquish the resources from the Office.

The Opposition Chief Whip said the government’s failure to account for the assets should be investigated by the State Asset Recovery Unit, particularly since it now claims that the assets are being used by the new government.

But, according to Harmon this is not the case.

“The furniture is in the building they have to come and move it. I am not moving any furniture for Rohee or for Jagdeo or anybody. It is there they can get it when they want,” said the Minister of State.

Pointing to some missing 13 computers, Harmon said that he has never been contacted by the PPP on the issue.

“Ms Teixeira has not contacted me neither has she contacted the President on this matter. If there is an issue about computers let them contact us…what is the big thing about a couple of computers…I don’t know what it is the PPP believe that is in there is just some furniture a photocopier and a couple of laptops,” he indicated.

“They could have it now, they could have had it last week,” Harmon lamented.




  1. Dem Batty ah bite now ! Harmon needs to temper his growing arrogance…but then again this is the nature of the beast called the PNC… ah dem time now ! The most sane and compised around gotta be President Grnger and he seems to be under nuff strain,,, hope he nah get narrah… because the follow up is goodie… well he fetchin nuff goodie right now…. dem worry that all dem ABC manipulators under scrutiny in dem respective home country….now dem want electronic counting and tabulation…. ? Dem crowd nah gane silent… dem ah get collective belly wuk… shit not happening wid de economy…. dem want fuh hug and kiss Jagdeo behind now… hope he nah sell out… let dem get nightmare now fuh with holding development programs from 2011 December up to and including May 10th, 2015…. Ramjattan and the AFC bunch ah hypocrites need nuff nuff antacid…. Moses in annda class by heself… he now scared to look in he mirror.. verbal diarrhea choking he already…

  2. Harra is a REFLECTION of your god BHARRAT. Just another day in paradise,,change come but SOS. Same old shit

  3. Sorry Dancing Kabanka,,,I was busy, but your friends and IDALS (PNC)who you love so much, will spend our tax $$$ on renting Big G home in lodge very soon, its called SOS ,,,same old shit,,,we as Guyanese got rid of your criminal bunch,and we ate now stuck for 5 yrs with PLENTY NOW COME so dont feel bad GT ppl change ,,,what you think?

  4. Can we see a copy of a drawn check for the payment of rental from May11th, 2015 to date. Does the $400,000 include the furniture too ? Are the bills for internet, fax phones included ? Who is paying for the phone bills, cell phones that has been in usage since may 11th, 2015 if they are not included ? would the phones other equipment, and office be bugged ? After all if there was tinkering of elections results using fake statement of polls what next ?

  5. Here is what I don’t get, before they came into power they all preach about corruption , that it will not be tolerated and all that now the APNU government is doing all they said they will not do and trying to hide it in plain sight and supports like you are so blind that you drink whatever they say. You talk about corruption why don’t you talk about the private trips the president and PM take form campaign funders where they discuss how these few individuals will buy out the sugar industry.

  6. trust me they are young remember he promise a cabinet of fresh young bright minds, so that was what their brain storm came up with. secondly Mr. HARMON isnt office of the president big enough of his advisers ?, why are they so far away from him ?. honestly i expected you to come up with a far better lie than this.

  7. Haroon need to stop taking pictures! The baboon belong to the zoo! The Granger administration has salary increase of up to 50% and they cannot pay sugar workers and rice farmers? Haha! What did the PNC do since they took office? Collapse Guyana economy. I did not see the dollar value go up, I did not see a them creating jobs…All I see is these dumb ministers come on the news everyday pointing fingers at the PPP…while the sugar industry collapse, while the rice industry collapse…while the crime rate increase! What is this a JOKE! I am sure many Guyana in other parts of the world is observing this with the APNU and how the board is heading under the Atlantic with Captain Granger aboard!

  8. Harmon is right to behave the way he is behaving. Thats the only language the corrupt thieving PPP understands. These people have the nerve to complain about a couple laptops and chairs when they been stealing hundreds of laptops over the years. The PPP has now become a laughing stock.

  9. Which young mind u ain’t see all these bai out to get is money ..increase salary ..the dummy in berbice fighting the poor people for he mud in berbice ..for his personal uses..

  10. The PNC is prepared to “BANKRUPT” Guyana at any cost that’s why they hijack it!!!!!
    2015 Elections was RIGGED! Surujbally said the “CEO was lauded for finding the anomalies and highlighting them, and therefore Many Statements of Polls (SOPs) received by GECOM from the ten (10) Electoral Districts were identified as FAKES.
    At its meeting of Wednesday, May 13th, 2015, the Chief Elections Officer of GECOM, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, disclosed that he had noticed that many of the SOPs had formats different from the authentic SOPs that were earlier distributed to the Electoral Districts to be used by Presiding Officers to tabulate votes at Polling Stations.
    These fake SOPs did not additionally carry the endorsed signatures of GECOM that were applied to every SOP purchased by GECOM from Canada.
    It was also disclosed that SOPs had numbers of voters that exceeded the voters that were assigned to the Polling Stations.
    Surujbally should be jailed!

  11. If I understand what is happening, the coalition is telling the PPP to take whatever furniture and office equipment it gave APNU money to purchase as the past main opposition party. Frankly, the PPP is getting whatever APNU purchased and used while in opposition.
    Should there be an audit? I think since public funds were used by the main opposition to make purchases, then all items purchased by APNU with public funds belong to the government. Rent, salaries, utilities or anything that was paid for should have records that must be audited by the Auditor-General.
    Going forward, the government should provide a fixed government-funded building to house the opposition, and the Auditor-General must audit the opposition’s books since public funds are involved. Since the Opposition is on par with a cabinet minister, his office should be adequately funded. And it makes sense to have the Opposition Leader’s office in close proximity to Parliament building. No more renting.

  12. What an arrogant man Harmon is. This is not the way for a Government to respond. Be professional and responsible. Choose your words carefully since you are the defacto Government of the day.

  13. 13 missing laptops? The teefin is in full swing.

    And renting space from law firm of Nigel Hughes is a conflict of interest.

  14. Mr. Harmon, honestly was this the best last minute lie you and your team could have come up with?, however i must say i am impress with it. shows that you are utilizing the young mines you got around you.


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