Govt promises ‘sustainable housing project’ for twelve hinterland communities


The over $644 million provided for in Budget 2016, will be utilised to expand the hinterland housing project, which will result in improved living  environments  for low-income families in 12 communities, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Communities.

Housing Minister, Valerie Sharpe-Patterson
Housing Minister, Valerie Sharpe-Patterson

The funding which will provide a housing subsidy for the construction of houses and the replacement of roofs in Regions One  and Nine  will not only support better access to housing, but to improved potable water and  sanitation.

According to Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valerie Sharpe-Patterson, four communities in Region One namely,  Whitewater, Kamwatta, Haimakabra and Sebai and eight  communities in Region 9; Katoka, Kwatamang, Massara, Karaudarnawau, Haiowa, Karasabai, Potarinau and Sand Creek are set to benefit under the programme. It will cater for, either a full house or a roof replacement.

Beneficiaries of the full house replacement in Region One will be presented with a one-storey elevated timber building, whilst those in Region Nine will receive a flat burnt brick building, Minister Sharpe-Patterson said.

Both styles of houses will measure 500 square feet, she said, and they will comprise four rooms, front and back stairs with zinc roof, guttering, a 400-gallon water tank and a pit toilet, she said.

The roof replacement intervention caters for zinc sheets for a house measuring no more than 500 square feet, complete with guttering, fittings and a 400-gallon water tank.

The 2016 expansion of the hinterland housing project is based on the lessons learnt from the pilot project implemented during 2009 to 2015 under the Second Low Income Settlement Programme which saw houses being built.

The Ministry of Communities will implement this 2016, sustainable housing project through a US$3.1M loan financed by the Inter-American Development Bank.





  1. Govt promises ‘sustainable housing project’ for twelve hinterland communities.
    Does PNC have a housing ministry? Like really?
    Most Guyanese knew PNC housing means squat anyway whenever .


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