Gov’t not implementing salary increases for Ministers, MPs at this time – Trotman affirms

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

By Jomo Paul 

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman. [Jules Gibson Photo]
Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman. [Jules Gibson Photo]
[] – Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman says that the APNU+AFC administration will not be making any immediate steps to increase the salaries of its officials. 

Last week news broke that the new government, after 12 weeks in office, would be looking to increase the salaries of Ministers, Parliamentarians and Presidential Advisors.  

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan had told iNews that the matter was being ‘actively considered’ but emphasized that there was no fixed figure. 

Trotman at a post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday August 05, however made it clear that while the salaries are currently being reviewed, it will not be implemented any time soon. 

In fact, Trotman told reporters that that government has noted with some amount of “amusement” the 100% hike in salaries being quoted in some sections of the media. 

“Government is not implementing salary increases,” said the Governance Minister. 

However despite this position, the government is moving ahead with its review of salaries for the public service, which is being conducted by Professor Harold Lutchman. 

Trotman says that this review will also encapsulate the salaries of Government Officials emphasizing the need for differentiation. This is given the fact that there are now Senior Government Officials such as Vice Presidents and Presidential Advisors added with Ministers and Junior Ministers. 

“Government is of the view that there has to be differentiation, yes, between Vice Presidents, Ministers or what we would term as Senior Ministers and Junior Ministers. None of these were catered for over the last twenty years and so as a matter of law there will have to be adjustments.”

The Opposition, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) had wasted no time in critiquing the government saying the administration wants “caviar in hard guava season.”





  1. It was and still the intention of the pirates in parlament to go big treasure sharing .They have to find a way to cast a spell upon the nation and keep everyone quiet first.

  2. idiot, did you go to school or you just grew-up being proud to bring up the tail all your life after you were diagnosed with irreversible neurological conditions that interferes with your ability to comprehend?

    ppp harbors donkeys because for a reason.

  3. Mohammed::: the etiology for high blood pressure is hate and stress…stop praying and hating despite your best thoughts…the PPP is dead…so is rice, sugar, and now gold and NCN…do a good deed everyday and keep good thoughts…you expect too much from politicians …it is not good for your health…the coalition Govt is what it is…I bet you a pound of rice flour that they will not be of any benefit to you or your community.

  4. Salary Increases For Elected Officials And Their Hired Hands?

    Minister Trotman, Are you telling the Guyanese people that the government is re-thinking its’ decision to increase salaries for elected individuals, and their hired hands?

    Or are you are surprised that the people objected so vociferously, when they heard of this intention?

  5. Surely if ppp was looking out for taxpayer hard earn dollar and voice same this coalition would’ve move ahead in increasing their salaries for doing absolutely nothing. those who thinks that we are better under this administration then I am sorry for you. I don’t even think God can help you.

  6. Still ridiculous! You created this vice president positions and now you are saying you need to adjust (I take that to mean increase) the salaries of these persons in order to have differentiation. This is so ridiculous. We cannot afford that. Gold is in trouble and so is rice and the perpetually ailing GUYSICKO. Maybe it is time you guys do away with these vice presidents and advisers positions since it seems these positions would become a huge burden on taxpayers.

  7. These people in this God forsaken PPP are all Scum bags, I repeat Scum bags. They will do anything to mislead the foolish people who still chose to follow them. I pray and hope that these followers will one day realize what these PPP Scum bags are all about and just disown them. These is a better future for all Guyanese under this Coalition Govt. We all have to be patient. Big Bukta (Rohee) and the rest of the Clique will eventually will have to step aside because they don’t have what it takes to build any Society for that matter.

  8. Hope that rohee has enough dignity to eat and take back his wild statements on this matter


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