Gov’t looking to eliminate ethnic discrimination in Guyana

Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally.
Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally.

[] – Minister of Social Cohesion Amna All says government recognises that there is ethnic discrimination, and as such is looking to deal with it.

This comes after a recent report from the United Nations which stated that there is ethnic discrimination occurring in Guyana.

During a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister Ally said that she agrees with the report that was published. She pointed out that it is because the fairly new government has recognised the prevalent ethnic conflicts in Guyana, it prompted the creation of the Social Cohesion Ministry.

In addition, the Minister noted that during the last general and regional elections, ethnic conflicts were very evident.

The report also called for a revision of the discrimination act which only focuses on unfairness in the work place. In response to this, Minister Ally stated that, “this ministry hopes by and large, not only to focus on the laws, but to focus on things you can do to bridge the gaps… ethnic relations are barriers, but we are going to look at the causes.”ethnic

Some of the bases she noted are poverty and inequality in a number of communities. Minister Ally said that government recognises that it has to find different ways to deal with the matter.

“Outside of adhering to laws, looking at the laws or implementing laws in order to curb this, we are going to look at various avenues that we can use,” the Minister said.

Minister Ally noted that the reason for the different approach is due to the consciousness of government that even though there are laws, too often people do not adhere to them.




  1. Other nationaities. Are observing. They believe there is an ethnic war in Guhana. United we stand. Di ided we will fall.

  2. When someone rob one of another race , it must be a hate crime. Implement this as a law and people will be able to walk the streets of GT and sleep comfortable at nights

  3. Good if you guys dont talk this. We have heard you during campaign. We have seen you firing civil servants. We have seen people with no experience or sufficient qualifications being appointed politically. Now you want to discriminate more by saying you want to stop ethnic conflict??? How???

  4. If you call Guyana the land of six races then everyone should have equal access to the table of representation and speak on behalf of their group’s interest. Guyana today has a two ethnic group representation and all other people groups are marginalized.
    A young growing nation like Guyana, needs all its people on board to contribute to its development and better living conditions. Afro-Guyanese, Chinese-Guyanese, European-Guyanese, Indo-Guyanese, Mixed-ethnic Guyanese and Native-Guyanese. Equal representation and equal respect.


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