Govt invites bids for stelling repairs in preparation for M.V MA Lisha

The MV Ma Lisha

The M.V MA Lisha has already set sail from Kolkata and is set to arrive in Guyana soon.

The ship will be travelling the Barima-Waini/ Georgetown route and is designed to operate in special conditions, meeting the needs of persons in Region One.

In preparing for this US$12.7 million vessel, government through the Ministry of Public Works has embarked on several infrastructural projects.

To this end, the ministry has extended an invitation for bids for construction and rehabilitative works on several stellings to accommodate the incoming vessel.

Estimated to cost an overall $2.6 billion, the advertisement invites tenders from contractors for upgrades to the Morawhanna and Kumaka Stellings, located in Region One.

The Morawhanna upgrades are expected to cost approximately $784 million, while the retrofit at Kumaka is estimated at $1.9 billion.

Bids will be opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) on March 15, 2023.

Recently, the ministry sent 10 employees from the Transport and Harbours Department to India to participate in the Major Equipment Training Session. This training has equipped them with first-hand knowledge to maintain the vessel over time.

The vessel was built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited, as part of the Indian government’s line of credit cum-Grant project.

Additionally, the ministry is planning significant upgrades to the Kingston and Port Kaituma wharves.