Govt gets F grade on ‘accomplishments’, corruption fight – MP

PPP/C MP Juan Edghill

Four-year APNU/AFC anniversary

…cites four-year record of unaddressed scandals

With the coalition Government giving itself a pat on the back for its accomplishments over the past four years, a People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament has debunked claims that the coalition is addressing issues like corruption.

In an interview with this publication, PPP Member of Parliament Juan Edghill pointed to several scandals that have rocked the Government during its four years in office, scandals which have gone largely unaddressed by the Government.

“The APNU/AFC is living in a bubble of self-deception,” he said. “The standards they are measuring themselves by are not standards considered acceptable and normal. Their performance as it relates to governances and rule and law has been pathetic.”

“As it relates to corruption, it has affected from the top right down to the bottom. And these are not mere allegations. These are real issues and no amount of playing it down will cause it to disappear. The fact that there was a No-confidence vote against them was a clear case that their scorecard was way below an F grade,” Edghill told this online publication.

Former Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill

According to Edghill, Government has been embroiled in trying to explain the unexplainable. He pointed to the lofty promises they made before they got into office, of their determination to fight for good governance and the rule of law and expressed disappointment in what has actually happened since.

“They are incapable of regulating themselves. With the Sussex Street bond, they say they are doing an investigation. They put Government Ministers to investigate, they say better could have been done and after millions, better was not done.”

“With D’Urban Park, they try to deceive the people of Guyana that no Government money was spending. Now the Auditor General can’t find receipts for millions. The very same things they say they are not guilty of; they are guilty of.”

The Government heralded its four-year anniversary on Friday with a statement hailing its achievements over the time it has been in office.


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