Gov’t fires GPL’s CEO

CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal
CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal

[] – The APNU+AFC government has decided to fire Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Bharat Dindyal, which takes effect from 16:00 hrs on Friday, August 14.

A release from the Ministry of Presidency noted that the CEO’s substantive contract came to an end on December 31, 2014 and that it was not renewed.

“Mr. Dindyal continued to serve as GPL CEO based on what was described as “an understanding” between himself and the previous subject minister, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. No written documentation has been provided with regard to this “understanding,” the release noted.

According to the government, based on information provided, this “understanding” was apparently for a six month period which commenced on January 1, 2015 and concluded on June 30, 2015.

“Mr. Dindyal communicated to new subject Minister, the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr. David Patterson that he intended to part ways with GPL but was prepared to remain as CEO for an interim transition period,” the release noted.

According to the Ministry of Presidency, Minister Patterson, having thoroughly examined these pertinent facts along with Mr. Dindyal’s intervention in matters relating to staff (some of which was video recorded and has been extensively viewed on social media) and his own performance appraisal and other relevant information, last evening advised Cabinet of the decision to conclude Mr. Dindyal’s engagement with GPL.

It was noted that a subsequent announcement will be made with regard to the plan relating to the administrative leadership of GPL.

Recently, the CEO had intervened in a matter where the Deputy CEO sent two managers on administrative leave. A verbal spat between the two was recorded and went viral on social media, where the CEO could be heard using expletive language against his deputy and reinstating the men to work.



  1. All the PPPC haters accusing the previous administration and those who were employed in the civil service of being corrupt and thieving. WELL! WELL!. The PPPC inherited a collapsed economy, empty treasury, dilapidated infrastructure nation wide, demoralised population, mountainous international debts, and a flourishing underground economy larger than than the official one, just to list a few.
    What did the Granger administration inherit in 2015? Despite all the allegations, the treasury is overflowing, foreign reserves close to one billion US dollars never seen in the history of the country, rebuilt physical infrastructure; new hospitals, roads, more reliable electricity, rapid expansion of the economy, housing boom, increased agricultural production especially in the rice sector (this was resurrected after it was murdered by the PNC). That’s just some of the many achievements.
    This Granger administration, just to lend credence to their allegations, are now using the print and other media to justify what they have been alleging. IT’S SPIN, SPIN, SPIN. They have been spinning now that their heads are upside down and have no clue as to how to run the country. All that they can do is making promising of spend, spend, spend. Where did the money come from?
    Yes there was some form of corruption but by whom? The very same people who never voted for the PPPC but was protected against dismissals from many government institutions eg civil service in particular and the GPF. Smoke that you haters.

  2. They learned well from those ppp crooks where were these voices of protest when ppp stacked all of the govt agencies with Indians all of the diplomatic postings majority indians where the hell were your protest them. Pay back is a bitch.

  3. People must be held accountable for what happens on their watch.That is the way it should be.The way you win people over is by not having favorites and holding everyone accountable.When an Afro Guyanese is fired or brought before the court (eg Jennifer) They say witch hunting on PPP/C supporters.When an Indo Guyanese is fired they say Ethnic Cleansing.Stww make up your minds….Corruption has become so rampant in Guyana,that its like second nature and everyone has become so accustomed to it that they now believe its right.

  4. This is the perfect way to run a country you have to fire all the thieves and jail them. Lots of these ministers and ceo that scam the system has urge houses in the first world country. Also I will like to see rece millers that don’t pay hard working farmers their money be jail also. So please mr president be hard on these guys

  5. Ethnic cleansing my ASS…JAGDEO has all his own type working in government….I did not read of ethnic cleansing then …Sly where were you 23 years? Square pegs in round holes /thieves must go….call it what you want.

  6. And the ethnic cleansing of government departments continues unabated. That’s how this Granger administration hopes to win over the Indian population. That is what he meant when he said he would be a good president. He would be a president for all. You spoke with a forked tongue Mr Granger.
    Guess that man Harmon is the real leader of this administration and he calls the shots.
    (Will this comment be published?)

  7. Keep the change you filthy animal and have a nice day. This happens when you not brilliant, extremely racist, power drunk, stupid beyond belief. Now it is time for the government thru the board of directors to purge the company of the Dindyal offsprings who will remain to torment the downfall of the company; some of his offsprings are located in the Electricity Control area Sophia, Middle Street Network area, safety area, Main Street I.T area, Essequibo T&D, and the majority of which belongs to where the cuss out took place.


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