Government’s housing drive threatened by a need for land


[] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon has reported that the Government trump achievement, which is its housing drive, is now being threatened by a lack of access to lands.

He said the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) has made it clear to cabinet that access to land is indeed now threatening their housing development project across the country.

It is in this context, the CH&PA has moved to acquire lands from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo). Dr. Luncheon explained that despite the major achievements in housing and notwithstanding the one-stop-shops, the housing authority has accumulated “a backlog of no mean order”.

He said the needs are unmet, noting the many complaints by Guyanese who have applied and are still awaiting a house lot. As such the Cabinet Secretary stressed that land is necessary for this great developmental task that is benefiting all Guyanese.

In questioning where will the lands come from, he supplied that obviously those who have in excess of their needs would need to have a mechanism to give CH&PA so that they can continue to provide house lots to those in need.

GuySuCo he said has the lands available to give to CH&PA to be utilized in its housing development drive. [Radha Motielall]