‘Goodluck’ holds slim lead at GNRA 2013-2014 National championships


Ransford-Goodluck[www.inewsguyana.com] – A single V-bull separated defending champion Ransford Goodluck from national Vice Captain Dylan Fields after the first day of competition in the National Rifle Association (GNRA) 2013-2014 National championships.

The Tournament which opened Sunday at the Timehri Rifle ranges saw the defending champion ‘Goodluck’ shoot two possible at 300 and 500 yards.

He was declared winner of the prestigious Valladares Trophy, which was up for grabs for the top shooter at 500 yards in the ‘X’ Class.

The reigning champion recorded an overall day’s aggregate of 132 points with nine V-bulls, three points short from a highest possible score (HPS) of 135 points.

He shot possible scores of 35 points and one V-bull points at 300 and 50 points with six V-bulls at 500 yards while recording 47.2 at 900 yards.

Fields was consistent in recording an overall aggregate of 132 points with eight V-bulls with scores of 34.2 at 300, 49.2 at 500 and 49.4 at 900 yards in a head to head showdown with the leader.

National captain Mahendra Persaud dropped seven points and was placed in third position. He shot a possible 35 points with two Vs at 300 yards and recorded 48.4 at 500 yards and 46.2 at 900 yards.

Current Caribbean individual champion Lennox Braithwaite is in fourth spot with 128 points and 10 V-bulls. He shot 34.2 at 300 yards, 49.5 at 500 yards and 45.3 at 900 yards.

Inspector Dane Blair holds the fifth position in “X” Class and sixth overall with 124 points and three V-bulls after he recorded scores of (32.1, 46.1 and 46.2).

Lt. Col. Terrance Stuart is the leader in “O” Class with 126 points and eight V-bulls.

The championships continue on Saturday with shooting at 500, 600 and 900 yards ranges with a highest possible score of 105 points starting at 10:00 hours while the final day of Sunday the shooters will compete at 300, 600 and 1000 yards for a HPS of 150 points.




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