Gold miner who swallowed cocaine pellets to face Court tomorrow


The gold miner who was caught with 518 grammes of cocaine in his undergarments on Thursday last at the Ogle Airport, East Coast Demerara (ECD) in addition to swallowing cocaine pellets, will be facing the Courts tomorrow.

pelletsThe young man is reported to have excreted 16 cocaine pellets between Thursday and Saturday when he had been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) under the watchful eyes of police ranks.

INews understands that the cocaine pellets recovered from the man’s body weighed 194 grammes of the illegal substance.

Initially after passing out the first five pellets, the man told law enforcement officials that he only swallowed eight in total.

However, he subsequently excreted four more pellets taking the number to nine and ex-rays had revealed that there were more inside of his body.

During the two-day period at the GPHC, the gold miner excreted the 16 cocaine pellets and was released from the hospital after the medical examinations showed that no more pellets were lodged inside of him.

According to reports, the man was heading on a flight destined for Barbados when he was nabbed by the relevant authorities at the airport. Until now he claims that the cocaine belongs to him and has not divulged any information as to where he was taking the illegal substance or for whom.






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