Goed Fortuin labourer died as a result of gastritis stomach – PME


A post mortem examination performed on the body of Dannie Persaid called “Rickey” has concluded that the man died as a result of gastritis stomach compounded with blunt trauma to the head.

The 34-year-old labourer of Lot 8 Harrison Street, Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara (WBD) was found dead in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The post mortem examination was conducted by Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh on Monday.

Police, in a statement, said that the condition gastritis stomach is a result of bleeding in the stomach which causes bleeding in the brain and led to the victim becoming dizzy, fell and hit his head.

According to the dead man’s sister-in-law, who lives at Recht-Door-Zee, WBD, her husband and other relatives were at Goed Fortuin celebrating the wedding of the dead man’s sister when there was a power outage.

After seeing that other houses nearby had electricity, she and her husband went to the upper flat of the house to check whether there was a problem with the main switch/fuse box. When she put on the electricity from the main switch, she saw her brother-in-law lying on the ground, motionless and facing upwards.

The Police were immediately summoned, and several persons were interviewed.

The body was handed over to the family for cremation at a later date.