GNIC wharf gets new container scanner facility


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has commissioned a new container scanner facility at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) wharf.

It was outlined that the scanner will enable the country to meet international standards and detect illegal trading activities.

The scanner at the new facility

Completed via a Public Private Partnership between the GRA and the GNIC, and with a scanner being presented by the People’s Republic of China, the facility was commissioned on Monday in presence of GRA Commissioner General Godfrey Statia, who noted that efforts to establish the much-awaited scanning facility have finally been realised, adding that this development would, in turn, advance trade with international agents and boost the revenue-collection system in Guyana.

“It is a known fact that the scanning facility will not only provide reduced trade transactions cost and time in both imports and exports, but (would cater) also for the collection of increased revenues,” Statia said.

It was related that because such a security facility had been absent in the past, the country was on the verge of losing markets in the trades which it plied with international importers and exporters.

“Additionally, many countries to which Guyana (trades) requires scanning at source, and Guyana was in danger of losing these markets for lack thereof — of our failure (to meet) certain national trade guidelines for trade facilitation,” he said.

A number of wharf owners have, since 2016, been engaged by the GRA in relation to containers not being scanned, and also to find an effective solution.



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