GNBS to clamp down on business entities with expired goods


[]Consumers shopping around the Christmas season tend to get great deals on products from business entities, but very often most of the items are either expired or have a very short shelf life remaining.

Cognizant of this fact, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBA) says they will be intensifying inspections at ports of entry and business places, including the markets.

Given past experiences and constant complaints from consumers, the inspectors will be targeting mobile phones and labeling and chemical information on toys for children.

According to the Bureau, consumers are constantly complaining about faulty cellular phones and electrical appliances. The GNBS is therefore encouraging consumers to check all products before purchasing, particularly food items.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer Lloyd David says many people also do not check whether the weights and scales used in the market places are certified by GNBS or in a good condition.

David is encouraging persons to ask questions, think and then buy a product which can add value to his/her daily life.



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