GMSA hires Canadian consultant to assess non – tariff barriers


[] – The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) in collaboration with the Canadian Executive Services Organisation hired a consultant who is conducting an assessment on the issue of non-tariff barriers.

In this regard, the GMSA has proposed a common non-tariff regime that would create a level playing field across the import and export spectrum and ensure that all exporters face the same non-tariff requirements.

Professor Thomas McKaig, who is charged with compiling the report, says certain ‘in country’ conditions and situations also create barriers to lucrative trade.

He pointed to high electricity costs and the shallow draught of the Demerara rice along with the reduced amount of cargo freight as internal barriers that lead to higher shipping and transportation costs.

Professor McKaig is of the belief that it is unfair that Guyanese goods are prevented from entering other countries when their good are allowed into Guyana.

Non-Tariff barriers is a mechanism employed by many countries to restrict imports of certain commodities into their countries despite the existence of trade agreements.

These barriers take the form of additional sanitation, quality and standards and other types of certificates at the ports of entry.



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