GMSA ditches Pegasus for Marriott over space, discounts


Marriott[] – The Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA) says it has opted to use the Guyana Marriott instead of the Pegasus International Hotel over some concerns about spacing and discounts among other reasons.

GMSA had planned a luncheon featuring the Presidential Candidate of the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic for Wednesday, April 22 at the Pegasus Savannah Suite but subsequent to the Marriott’s opening last week, decided on a change of venue.

“We can say categorically that our decision to utilize the spacious Marriott Hotel for the April 22 Business Luncheon at which Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar will be the guest speaker, was made on the premises of, estimated ticket sales, the value of discounts/rebates received, the value of sponsorship from the business community, the size of the Marriott’s conference room, the availability of the Marriott’s room for the entire duration of the business luncheon,” a GMSA statement reported.

The statement conceded that for many years the Guyana Pegasus has been the venue of choice for GMSA conferences, training programmes, business luncheons and other activities.

“However, this is not the first time that the GMSA’s Board of Directors took a decision to hold an activity away from that venue. There were occasions when the Pegasus was unavailable on our chosen dates, or the seating accommodation was insufficient for the size of the audience or participants. We have made use of a number of alternative venues in and outside of the city (incl. Regency Suites and the Princess Hotel). It would be useful to point out that two of our last three major events were held at the Princess Hotel due to the unavailability of the Savannah Suite at the Pegasus” the release noted.

Despite the venue switch, GMSA contends that it intends to utilize the Pegasus for future events.



  1. What’s wrong with these PNC people? Everyone knows that it’s our money build the hotel. Well its good if the world is giving the PPP all those billions. That shows that they love and trust us. PNC cannot say the same for themselves. At least Guyana is benefiting from our BILLIONS.

  2. It’s called accounting and money management!!! Something that YOUR CRAPNU or PNC never did when they were in power! Go ask YOUR Greenidge and stop hiding behind the “Ishmael” alias!

  3. How come all of a sudden Guyana get so rich?
    Where PPP getting all those money from?
    I want to know how much really this hotel cost?
    Who is giving the PPP all these Billions?
    I think India giving them money to make the PNC look bad. China also giving this PPP people money. Look how Cuba giving them free doctors.

  4. Man you made me laugh my ass off, people you and me don’t go to places like that simply because we cannot afford it. lol, Those hotel is for foreigners we are just ordinary folks.

  5. It was just a matter of time before they did that. But we will continue to support the Pegasus. All Guyanese need to get on board and support the Pegasus hotel.


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