GMSA discredits Kaieteur News article


[] – Kaieteur News (KN) has come under heavy criticism once more for publishing misinformation.

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services association (GMSA), especially members of the Steering Committee of the GMSA/IDB Energy Efficiency Project, said they have taken note of an article which appeared in the Kaieteur News under the caption “Manufacturing Companies reject GEA’s Audit Offer”.

According to the GMSA the news item emanated from the Energy Management Workshop held at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre on November 28, 2013.

“While we appreciate the media coverage of that crucial workshop, the slant of the KN article suggested that there was a measure of antagonism and friction between the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) and the Manufacturing Sector which is represented by the GMSA.”

Dr. Mahender Sharma, CEO of GEA (left) and Mr. Clemet Duncan, one of the directors of the GMSA having a brief discussion. [Kaieteur News' Photo]
Dr. Mahender Sharma, CEO of GEA (left) and Mr. Clemet Duncan, one of the directors of the GMSA having a brief discussion. [Kaieteur News’ Photo]
The body in a response to the article sought to put into perspective the tone of the workshop, particularly the comments made by the participants who were drawn from both the Public and Private Sectors.

According to the release, the workshop was designed to share the Consultant’s – Dr. Carl Duncan IEng., MIEE – findings from his In-Plant exercises (measuring and monitoring equipment performance, etc.) as well as his recommendations for better efficiency to ultimately reduce overall energy costs.

Participants included representatives from the pilot companies and others in the public and private sectors (Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Accountants and Administrators).  They were invited to discuss their companies’ energy installations and strategies for monitoring equipment performance and conservation.

“It was the examination of the concept of Energy Audits and the use of certain online software programmes that prompted a spin-off discussion on companies’ understandable reluctance to expose their sensitive information online which could become available to competitors and Government Agencies. They were assured that the recommended software was designed with passwords and other types of security features.  In this regard, they were reluctant to accept the GEA’s offer to come into their companies to conduct Energy Audits,” the GMSA explained.

GMSA Director and Project Administrator, Clement Duncan, in his summation acknowledged the concerns of the participants and sought to assure them that the role of the GEA in this Project was based on the Agency’s national mandate and regulatory responsibilities.

He explained as well that the term “Energy Audit” is not synonymous with a financial audit, and that it entails merely measuring energy input and output against the ratings of equipment, and assesses overall efforts to manage equipment usage and efforts at energy conservation.

The GMSA said it acknowledges the GEA as a worthwhile partner in this Energy Efficiency Project which itself has national implications for large and small companies in the Public and Private Sectors.


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