GFS battling major grass fire at Cummings Lodge

Firefighters battling a grass fire at Cummings Lodge

The Guyana Fire Service (GFS) is currently battling a large grass fire at Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown, which has engulfed the area in smoke.

Firefighters in action to contain the grass fire

As a result, the GFS is advising nearby residents to adhere to the precautionary measures until the fire is fully extinguished:

1. Stay indoors if possible: Close all windows and doors to keep smoke from entering your home.
2. Use air conditioning: Set your air conditioner to recirculate indoor air to prevent bringing smoke inside.
3. Avoid outdoor activities: Limit your time outdoors, especially if you have respiratory issues. Use a mask if necessary.
4. Stay informed: Follow local news and advisories from the Fire Service for updates on the situation.

5. Seek medical help if needed: If you experience difficulty breathing or other health concerns due to smoke exposure, seek medical attention promptly.

Heavy smoke covering Cummings Lodge

According to the GFS, 16 firefighters using water tenders #105 and #115 along with water carrier #16 are working tirelessly to put out the blaze.

The Fire Service assured that residents would be updated when the inferno is fully contained and extinguished.

Meanwhile, citizens are also advised to report grass or wildfires immediately and to ensure that properties are adequately prepared for fire prevention by clearing away dry vegetation, removing flammable materials from surroundings, maintaining defensible space, and having fire extinguishing tools readily available.