GFF invited to observe FIFA elections today in Switzerland


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has been selected as an observer of the FIFA electoral process scheduled for today in Zurich, Switzerland.

GFF President, Wayne Forde
GFF President, Wayne Forde

Guyana is among three (3) member associations to observe same and it is the first for the South American country.
In addition, the GFF will be represented by President, Wayne Forde; First Vice President, Julian Bruce Lovell and General Secretary, Diedre Davis.

Slated to be one of the most important Congresses in the history of global football, this is FIFA’s second attempt in one year to elect a new FIFA President.

After much turmoil, it provides an opportunity for the global Member Associations to send a strong message to the global community of the seriousness of good governance, transparency and a higher level of accountability.

The FIFA Congress will feature the presentation of the Reforms to FIFA’s Constitution and thereafter the election of a new FIFA President.

Among the reforms to be voted on are term limits for top officials and disclosure of earnings. The President of the GFF advanced strong arguments in support of term limits for the CONCACAF President and Executive Committee.
Additionally, he proposed amendments to the reforms that would ensure that the position of CONCACAF president is never left vacant again regardless of the circumstances.

These amendments were adopted unanimously. The President believes that the reforms emphasise the need for good governance, accountability, transparency and fairness. These timeless principles, he said, align well to the spirit and will of the Guyana Football fraternity and the people of Guyana. (Guyana Times)






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