‘Get involved’ – Minister Hughes encourages Guyanese to explore possibilities in oil and gas sector

Catherine Hughes, Minister of Public Telecommunications speaking at the opening of the GIPEX

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes is encouraging Guyanese to explore the possibilities in the oil and gas sector, to see how they can get involved and capitalise on the services which the industry will require.

Catherine Hughes, Minister of Public Telecommunications speaking at the opening of the GIPEX

According to DPI, the Minister, who was speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural Guyana Petroleum Business Summit (GIPEX) 2018, said that “it is transformative and there are opportunities for all Guyanese”.

She pointed to the fact that the oil and gas industry requires the right environment for it to operate successfully, hence Public Telecommunications plays an important role in what Guyana has to deliver.

“The good thing is that it fits nicely into our mandate…so as you have big companies coming here, an oil industry with lots of supporting services and companies and individuals that are going to be doing business in Guyana, associated with the industry or the periphery services. It is important for us to have the telecommunications in place,” Minister Hughes emphasised.

According to DPI, citing the current business atmosphere, the Minister underscored that “strong and fast” internet connectivity, which is consistent is vitally important.

She noted that in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) world, data is considered the “new oil.”

“We [Guyana] are now embarking on this new oil industry, an oil producing country, but then the data, the internet connectivity, the telecommunications side has to play a role to guarantee the success of it”.

Minister Hughes said this is a unique time for Guyana, hence, more information needs to be provided to the citizens so that they can get a better understanding of what this new venture will mean for them and their families, DPI said.

Meantime, the Minister said the turn out at the GIPEX 2018 says a lot for Guyana in terms of what is taking place in the country.

According to the Public Telecommunications Minister, “we have been able to put it on the map in terms of a new emerging oil country and we have been able to promote the location, what we have to offer our people and most importantly the possibilities for investment”.





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