Get-a-way car used in robbery at Rohee’s house found


Police have found the car which was used to assist bandits in fleeing after committing a robbery on the home of Former Home Affairs Minister, yesterday.

Reports indicate that the car identified as PRR 514, was found last evening abandoned on Croal Street, Georgetown and presently police are working on identifying several prints found on it.

Yesterday, the former Minister, Clement Rohee told media operatives that the crime situation in Guyana is “becoming intolerable,” following the invasion of his home by three gunmen who tied up and assaulted his maids while ransacking the place and escaping with an undisclosed sum of cash and a quantity of jewelry.

Rohee, who is also a Member of Parliament (MP) and the General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) related that he was not at home at the time of the robbery, but he received a phone call from his neighbours prompting him to return home. He said he only knew that bandits had raided the house when he arrived.

The Parliamentarian noted that three men armed with knives and guns entered the home, bound his maids and took them to the upper flat of the home, while demanding that they turn over “gold and cash.”

“They [bandits] assaulted them for a little while, a few kicks and so on and then they began to ransack the house from top to bottom,” he said.

In addition to identifying the finger prints found on the car, the police are also using the footage from the security cameras of the home to assist in their investigations.



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