German tourists visit Guyana during trip around the world


[] – Two German tourists have stopped in Guyana on their trip around the world.

The couple whose adventure began in December 2009 has visited countries in Africa, North, Central and South America and more recently Venezuela.

The truck the couple use to travel the world. [iNews' Photo]
The truck the couple use to travel the world. [iNews’ Photo]
In order to fund their trip, Simona and Olaf Patt sold their house in Germany. 

In an interview with iNews, the couple related that travelling the world has been their lifelong dream.

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Simona and Olaf Patt. [iNews’ Photo]
“We always wanted to do this, we been travelling together since 1995 and in 2006 we really made the decision to go on this worldwide trip so that we can explore the different cultures.”

The Patts arrived in Guyana via Brazil and the local hospitality has made quite an impact, according to them. They said they were also fascinated with the landscape, especially in Lethem, Region Nine.

From Guyana the two adventurers will be travelling to Suriname then to French Guyana before returning to Brazil.

They Couple speak German, along with English and a little Spanish and shared how language has proven to be a barrier they have managed to overstep every time.

The truck in which they are travelling in is 34 years old; it was an old German fire Engine. The Couple is urging other tourists to visit Guyana.



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