GECOM’s last claims and objections period before ‘E’ day to begin Monday


[] – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) will commence its claims and objections (C&O) period on Monday, February 09.

According g to a media release from the Commission, its Chief Scrutineer recently met with representatives of Political Parties during which the mechanisms and procedures currently in place for the efficient management of the upcoming period were outlined.

The Commission says during its C&O period, in addition to its permanent offices, mobile units will be dispatched throughout the interior locations, and a number of temporary offices will also be established in all divisions and sub-divisions.

The Commission says this upcoming period is an, “essential one for as the Commission sanitizes the Preliminary List of Electors.”

The Claims period will allow eligible electors who meet the specific requirements to gain entry onto the Primary list of Electors, (PLE) securing them their voting rights.

Anyone who will be 18 years or older by April 30, 2015 – who is not registered will be allowed to do so during this period.

This period also provides a window of opportunity to persons already registered who are desirous of having changes and/or have corrections made to their registration information currently entered on the Preliminary Voters List.

Electors already registered can request a transfer if they have moved from one sub division to another, or from one registration area to another.

“During the objections phase, an elector may visit the appropriate registration office in their sub-division or registration area to object to an entry in the Preliminary List of Electors.”

The Commission says it has, “given the Chief Scrutineer and the political party representatives all confidence and assurances that all the relevant systems in keeping with the standard operating procedures for the conduct of Claims and Objections exercise, will be in place and functioning optimally.”




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