GECOM officially declares APNU+AFC victorious

Keith Lowenfield and Dr Steve Surjujbally [iNews Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Keith Lowenfield and Dr Steve Surjujbally [iNews Photo]
Keith Lowenfield and Dr Steve Surjujbally [iNews Photo]
[] – Moments ago, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) official declared that the APNU+AFC coalition has won the May 11 2015 General and Regional Elections – 5 days after the National polls.

Though the results of the election were already known, there was no official declaration from the elections body with respect to who won the elections.

The declaration was delayed by several requests for a recount by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic which had been in office for 23 years and was unwilling to concede victory to the APNU+AFC making a slew of allegations.

GECOM’s Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield made that declaration at a press conference today.

The final results of the General and Regional elections shows APNU+AFC with 207,200 votes and the PPP/C with 202, 694 votes hence the APNU+AFC won by 4,506 votes.

Lowenfield explained that the APNU+AFC will have 33 seats in the 11th Parliament while the PPP/C will have 32 seats.

For the regional polls the APNU+AFC acquired 205,001 votes and the PPP/C 202,268.

The coalition has produced a 100 day plan that entails the review of taxes, increase of salaries and old age pension, an anti-corruption fight, liberalization of the Telecommunication and ICT sectors, several task forces on crime and security, and benefits for Guyana’s small miners.



  1. D Duck.Your quacking is getting very tirIingYou are trying to drag us back into the 1950s and 60s,but we the Guyanaese people will not allow it.Your Stalinist beliefs are clearly showing,such a pity you are a Communist fake and that goes to all your Stalinist but intensely greedy cohorts.
    join the rest of the progressive communist,socialist countries of the 21st century

  2. Congrats to the new President & Prime Minister. I hope they put surujbally out to pasture. He’s a relic of the ppp and must never be allowed to administer the next election. Time for him to go!

  3. Yaaay! Finally….free at last from the evil clutches of Jagdeo and his minions…those blood sucking wretches!

  4. Congratualtions to the New President. Let us all unite and hope for the better good of all our people. God Bless our beautiful country!


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