“GECOM is at a big bash” – Rohee says PPP list of Regional Councillors rejected

PPP Members at a press conference.

By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee (right). [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee (right). [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) says it submitted its ten lists of regional candidates to become Councillors in the regions, following the May 11 general and regional elections; however it was rejected by the Guyana Elections Commission.

The PPP, in a press statement on Friday, June 26, stated that the lists were submitted at 15:00 hrs “to the Guyana Elections Commission and was rejected by the authorities there.”

It was noted that the 176 Councillors will replace the PPP/C in the ten Administrative Regions. The PPP/C contested all ten (10) Administrative Regions in the recent elections and won seven.

When contacted by iNews to clarify on what grounds GECOM rejected the lists, General Secretary of the Party, Clement Rohee explained that there was no one at the GECOM office to receive the documents and he was informed that GECOM staff and officials “have a big bash up at Splashmins, which I understand is costing over $50 million…so the whole staff is up at Splashmins having a big bash.”

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews' Photo]
Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews’ Photo]
When questioned by iNews if this can be described as a ‘rejection’ given the fact that GECOM is not available, Rohee said, “There was nobody there to receive it so they turned us away with it.”

The General Secretary said efforts are being made by the PPP to make contact with GECOM’s Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally to rectify the issue.

Efforts made by iNews to contact Dr Surujbally proved futile.



  1. Ham, do you have a mental deficiency. ..as per the law of the land, do you even realized when the objections should be filed, and at 3pm, when it was attempted to be file, they were partying, and still not available the next day…they all should be jailed. ..for breaking the LAW OF THE LAND..I know everyone can speak on FB…but please don’t if you are not educated enough to do so on a topic which is beyond your comprehension

  2. The PPP refuses to recognize the results of the elections. It refuses to submit the list of names for Parliament. And chose a day it knows about some bash for Gecom staff at Splashmins to show up at Gecom, unannounced, to deliver the list of names for councillors. How ‘stupider’ than this can Goatman get, eh? Goat didn’t just bite him; it butted him, and now he is permanently bassidy.


  4. At this stage if Steve Surujbally sneezes near to Rohee.. Rohee will cry assault,, Making a mountain out of mole hill.. expect much more of this juvenile behaviour from the PPP outfit…

  5. No wonder the country remained backward for so long; look at their leaders from the previous administration, it seems that just a tiny portion of their brains work, the portion that knows how to decease others.
    This man Rohee is not very bright!
    Thank goodness you people are out and walking around aimlessly on the sidewalk.

  6. why u all don’t mine u own business and left them people to do what the want to do it will pay u all better go and read the bible or pray if you all don’t have work to do

  7. Rohee , you and the of the PPP.should put bags over your heads. You people have no shame. You people lies about everything and anything, now you are talking about big bash at Splashmins and about monies for bash….how about all the billions missing. Guyoil your friends and families are stealing, meaning not paying for. Stop it sore losers.

  8. Using this silly logic, if I go to my bank after it has closed to make a payment, then my bank therefore has rejected my payment. This is just a silly ploy to grab headlines, which by the way this website fell for. It’s funny how unconstructive and juvenile these guys have been now that they are the opposition. Hope they realize that in the long-term they are doing their party more harm than good. But that’s just my humble opinion…

  9. ppp, mr rohee and friends., why are you so stupid, you do not represent the people, or the opposition, in this country, if you were may be they would have accepted, your list , no body is home, why no take your seats as the oppositon
    when you guys do have a bash, the ppp, you are no more on the planet , its party time i


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