GECOM has flawed, secretive employment policy – PPP

Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

[] – The governing People’s Progressive Party has expressed concerns over what it deemed as a “flawed and secretive” employment policy of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

The Party in a press statement to the media today, Monday, October 13, stated that GECOM is an organization which should be transparent and accountable so as to safeguard its own integrity and the country’s democracy.

“It is expected that those placed in charge of these organizations will adopt near flawless practices and policies that will be bi-partisan in nature and involves the major stakeholders in decision making,” the Party stated.

The PPP has publicly objected to the appointment of Mr. Richard Francois as Public Relations Officer of GECOM on the basis that he is openly supportive of the Opposition.

The Party also provided evidence, dating back as much as four years, to cement its claim.

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Richard François
Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Richard François

“Mr. Francois Face Book page can verify these claims along with the numerous anti-PPP articles published in the Kaieteur News in his name. The Party recently wrote to the Chairman of the Commission objecting to his appointment and is awaiting firm and decisive actions towards this effect. The track record of Mr. Francois speaks volume on his lack of professionalism and association with the opposition. The PPP is fully aware that every Guyanese has a right to favour a political Party but we are also aware that an organization like GECOM and the position he holds comes with responsibility and fairness,” the PPP noted.

The PPP says it is not confident that the nation will be fed with accurate and reliable information under Mr. Francois’s watch.

Meanwhile, the Party also noted that it is surprised by the sacking of Deolall Ramlall without justification.

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
“Mr. Ramlall has years of experience in electioneering and with the appointment of a new CEO and DCEO one would have expected that his experience would have been necessary and vital, especially with the possibility of an early elections. One is therefore, left to wonder the motive of GECOM’s action and the rationale behind these decisions.”



  1. “in the final analysis,”as the kabaka would say,”gecom’s policy with regard to employment ,is that none of it’s employees should be aligned or openly involved with any political party.” mr Richard francois has failed to meet this criteria, therefore he should not have been employed by gecom ,period.

  2. It is unfortunate minister and other government are selective with the application of principles. The very position the Local Government minister adopted when defending the non appointment of Mrs McDonald as overseer. Blowing hot and cold on matters of principles is high class hypocrisy. Shut mouth is best position to adopt. Why castigate Gecom for that which this government has practised since 1992.

  3. As a former PR assistant in the bauxite industry, I can tell Rohee to his face that no PR person puts out information on their own without first running it by his or her superiors, so his crap about ‘the PPP not being confident that the nation will be fed with accurate and reliable information under Mr. Francois’s watch’ is just that: CRAP!

  4. Mr. Rohee you should be ashamed to say anything negative about GECOM they were their when you got to where you are. Why is it now you are questioning their competence is this out of fair in losing the elections. I do hope to god the PPP/C loses this election then we can go after the former President and others in your party for taking all out wealth and monies to Canada. I have very high regards for Dr. Steve Surujbally who is and will always be a shining example of fairness.

  5. slowly but surely PNC getting their people in the right place and at the right time:
    PNC can not win any free fair transparent elections in Guyana so this is the route PNC has to take…
    PNC has to get East Indians like Surujbally and Vishnu Persaud both of GECOM to tell the people all is well fine and dandy at GECOM.
    Come election after polls closed PNC will get Surujbally and Vishnu Persaud to go on TV to tell the nation the voting went down smooth all day and no skulduggery took place.
    Then when the results are declared the nation will have been warned by East Indians that PNC won aq slim majority..
    To this day Surujbally nor Vishnu Persaud never spoke a word of those 19 polling stations in PPP stronghold that werent counted giving PPP a minority Government.
    The cat was let out of the bad on election night on SN blog site where one blogger said “PPP minority Government” oh well -everyone knew when elections results came out on last bet the results never came out after the polls closed on election the SN blogger knew this …maybe his god told him so..

  6. mr rohee: yuh na friken foh bad talk gecom and mr steve surujballi? gwan ,dat maan goh cuss yuh again about yuh “doltishness” . yuh can’t seh me nah warn yuh. de only bady who can criticize steve surujballi and gecom ah pnc. yuh rememba when pnc stand up in front a he house de lass time how he run and hide anda he bed like wan ole woman? please mr rohee , yuh muss rememba yuh nah get powass like pncc.


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