GDF unearths illegal airstrip 5km west of Santa Fe

The illegal airstrip found in Santa Fe

A Guyana Defence Force (GDF) patrol while conducting a reconnaissance mission on Saturday morning in Region 9, approximately 5 kilometers (km) west of Santa Fe, Rupununi, discovered what is believed to be an illegal airstrip.

The illegal airstrip found in Santa Fe

This information was confirmed by GDF Major Earl Edghill who noted that aside from the makeshift airstrip, several dug out trenches, one chainsaw, an axe and a 1/4 drum of aviation fuel were among other things discovered.

Moreover, soldiers found 12 abandoned camps at the said location.

Authorities are reportedly conducting a thorough investigation into the find which they say is representative of the challenges faced by the security Forces in the Hinterland region.

Dug out trenches were filled with items and concealed with surrounding grass

So far no arrests have been made in connection the illegal airstrip.

In September of last year  an illegal twin-engine Cessna aircraft was discovered at the Yupukari Airstrip in Region 9 with a bogus United States (US) registration copied from another plane in the said country.

The twin-engine Cessna bearing registration number N767Z which was found camouflaged with a covering was said to be expensive

In 2012 an Ecuadorian-registered 421 Cessna plane was seized at an illegal airstrip at Pirara, Region 9. Media reports said that the plane was quickly repainted and its registration number changed, when authorities here had found it.

Over the past few years several illegal aircrafts suspected to be used in the transportation of drugs were seized by the state.



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