GDF ranks join in clean-up efforts


GDF Ranks during the clean up exercise on Thomas Street [GINA Photo]
GDF Ranks during the clean up exercise on Thomas Street [GINA Photo]
[] – Ranks from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) on Friday took part in clean-up exercise in several parts of the city as Guyana’s joined the rest of the world in celebration of World Environmental Day.

Some 60 ranks of the GDF today joined the clean-up that has grappled Guyana in the recent weeks focusing their efforts in the vicinity of Thomas and Lamaha Streets, all the way to Middle Street.

World Environmental Day was celebrated under the theme “Seven Billion Dreams-One Planet Consume with Care”.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Mark Thomas, as part of World Environmental Day, the GDF agreed to make its own contribution to the clean-up that is taking place across the country.

“There is a big clean-up campaign that is going on around the city and the GDF just wants to be a part of that drive… we have decided today as World Environmental day, to come out and do our part,” he reiterated.

Over the past few weeks, local businesses and community members joined in a massive clean-up effort across in Georgetown, with the aim of restoring Georgetown to its former beauty. [Extracted and edited from GINA]


  1. The GDF has been reduce to cleaners are they been paid if so employ members of the publicand create jobs.

  2. It’s great to see everyone assisting in the clean up exercise. I would also hope that some citizens would put their litter in the bins.And not dump it in the street or the gutters as I have witnessed while visiting Guyana.


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