GBTI hosts auto fair for affordable vehicle financing


The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) is moving to provide Guyanese with affordable deals on vehicles through collaboration with auto companies and insurance agents.

This was witnessed on Saturday during the introduction of an auto expo at the Kingston headquarters, where customers were linked with these stakeholders to acquire a vehicle at low rates.

Public Relations Officer of GBTI, Nadia DeAbreau said the aim was to provide an easy experience where all formalities can be completed.

“We wanted to provide an experience for customers. Sometimes we have a vehicle but we don’t have the time to pursue it. We have to go to the agent, the insurance company, so it is basically a one-stop shop,” she related.

Meanwhile, Business Development Supervisor, Bin-Saud Bakhsh stated, “We’re offering easy access to financing. We have very competitive rates and flexible terms and conditions. Our interest rate ranges from 6.99 per cent, down payment from as low as 15 per cent and we have a maximum repayment period of up to eight years”.

The auto dealers showcased a wide range of vehicles from different brands, all designed with specific features.

Dion Williams of Hero Motor Corp and Rose Ramdehol Auto Sales stated that this initiative bridges the gap between dealers and lending agents. It is also seen as a positive venture where all partners can benefit.

“We’re pleased to be collaborating with GBTI on this financing event. We’re hoping that it would be the start to a professional partnership where customers can come and make purchases of our vehicles, whether it’s the motorcycle or motorcars,” the Hero representative posited.

Additionally, Best Buy Auto Sales was represented by Richard Singh who noted that they are the importers of standard Japanese vehicles because there was a need for something new on the market.

“The models are very vast and vide. We believe that a car is your unique expression and it doesn’t matter what you need the car for so it is our goal to give customers the choices,” Singh said.

Another dealer, Ramah’s Auto Sales, was present throughout the day, offering high-end brands and other vehicles from $1.9 million.

Robert Ramah told <<<Inews>>>, “We have cars starting at $1.9 million. We have high-end vehicles too like that Range Rover and Jaguar. We guarantee that you can get the best prices”.

Nalico and Nafico Insurance Companies were on site to provide some details on their financing rates and flexible terms and condition. The Guyana Oil Company also partnered with the bank to provide fuel and other lubricants to the customers after purchasing a new car.



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