Gay youth stoned to death in Jamaica


[] – An angry mob stoned a young, allegedly gay man to death in Jamaica and filmed themselves hurling rocks at his head.

The video of the murder of the alleged gay youth, believed to be aged around 19 to 21, has gone viral on social media after being posted last week.

It shows the young man dressed effeminately with long hair, appearing to be tied up in ropes or wire, lying in a pool of his own blood. In the video a boulder is thrown at the boy’s head, and blood gushes out.

It’s not clear whether he was still alive or conscious as the rocks were continuously thrown against his skull.

In the video, homophobic slurs were vividly heard with a definite Jamaican accent, yelling: ‘Batty man yuh fi dead!’

The identity of the murdered youth and many of the other details of the stoning are still unknown. Some have reported the victim was gay and had visited underground gay venues in Kingston.

Unconfirmed social media reports suggest the youth was stoned in Montego Bay and it is believed to have happened in the last few weeks.

This is the same parish where gender non-conforming teen Dwayne Jones was murdered in 2013. Jones was chopped and stabbed to death by a mob. No one was ever charged with the murder.

Members of the Jamaican Lesbian Gay Transgender Bisexual (LGBT) community are deeply sadden and heartbroken by the gruesome public execution of this young man in the streets of Jamaica. [EXTRACTED AND EDITED FROM GSN]