Gangs go on rampage, wreaked havoc in Sophia

The house of Jermaine Anthony engulfed in flames

…leaving 1 critical, 3 houses burnt to the ground

By Ashraf Dabie

The community of ‘B’ Field Sophia, Georgetown was on Sunday swept in an uproar as an early morning altercation involving two known rivals quickly erupted into total chaos. This was as threats exchanged between the duo became violent, leaving one now nursing severe stab wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital, while the other is said to be on the run from members of a vicious gang who left behind a trail of houses which were burnt to the ground.

This dilemma was unearthed as the INews on Sunday launched an investigation into a fire, reports of which were circulating via social media, only to discover that that incident was among a string of catastrophic events which took place within the area, all leading back to the stabbing.

According to information reaching this publication, 29-year-old Alvano Williams, a conductor, was, at around 8:30hrs yesterday, escorting his girlfriend out onto the Dennis Street main roadway in Sophia when he ran into an existing enemy, who was only identified as Troy.

Williams and Troy then allegedly kicked up a storm over an ongoing dispute, rumoured to be revolving around a woman whom they are both claiming as theirs. The two approached each other with an exchange of threating language, resulting in them wielding weapons at each other.

The conductor was then stabbed in his back and to his shoulder with the use of a long iron object, causing him to fall to the ground. Troy, in taking advantage of the injured man, further chopped the 29-year-old to his head and about his body.

It was then that an angry mob rushed to the aid of Williams, forcing the suspect to flee the scene and go into hiding. However, this was only after the injured man attempted to fire back at Troy with a knife but failed, as it was alleged that another young man (name given) managed to seize the weapon.

Police officers subsequently arrived at the location of the commotion and were forced to fire a shot in an attempt to quell the raging mob. However, this was to no avail, as the mobsters even continued to attack a number of individuals who were taken away from the scene and detained in the vehicle by the ranks.

The house of Jermaine Anthony engulfed in flames

Meanwhile, this publication understands that in an attempt to seek retribution for the harm done to the conductor, the gang, infamous for the murder of another resident sometime last year, thereafter went on a rampage in search of the missing suspect.

In doing so, the group, which is said to be led by a woman (named) proceeded to the home of the missing man, who was residing in a shack erected on government reserves opposite B Field, Sophia. After their search proved to be in vain, the gang then set the shack on fire.

The first house to be burnt on the dam

As they continued on, while acting on suspicion that Troy may be seeking refuge at the home of a friend, the gang them moved in on another house further up the dam and set that building ablaze as well. In fact, the ring leader was calling for the entire dam to go up in flames, which left residents pleading for their homes to be saved.

Smoke still emanating from the ashes of the second house to be burnt on the dam

As if that was not enough, the mobsters then reportedly turned their attention to the young man who took the knife away from Williams, claiming that he was somehow involved and is withholding information regarding the whereabouts of Troy. This young man was then chased up the road by the group, carrying cutlasses, and they eventually made their way to the home of the young man with the intention of burning it down as they had just done to houses.

Jermaine Anthony and family at the Police Station after being left homeless

Alerted to the impending doom of their home, the young man’s stepfather quickly awakened his spouse, who was at the time asleep in the building, and both managed to escape before their home was set on fire.

All the while, scores of residents lined the corners of the roadways while the mobsters stormed the streets, carrying weapons and leaving trails of destruction as they go.

When INews visited the scene of the incident, those residing within the area were tight-lipped about what had transpired, with most offering a well-thought-out response, saying, “I was not at home.”

However, this online publication visited the home of the injured conductor, and both Williams’s mother and girlfriend indicated that they were uncertain that there is a link between the stabbing and the fires.

Injured and homeless: Dexter Forde

Nevertheless, reporters caught up with some of the victims of the rampage while assisting with investigations at the Turkeyen Police Station. It was they who confirmed the information relayed by the few residents who were willing to speak.

In fact, the young man’s family outlined their plight, given that they are now homeless following the incident. The trio noted that they have no one to rely on, and have lost all possessions, including a hard earned sum of $80,000 in the fire.

Moreover, another victim of the destruction was seen nursing injuries to the eye after allegedly being attacked by the mobsters.

Williams is still hospitalised at the Georgetown medical institution, and is said to be in a critical state. It is still unconfirmed whether he has any direct connections to the gang. However, investigations are ongoing.



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