Ganga Persaud threatens legal action

Ganga Persaud taking the oath of office as Local Government Minister in 2011.

[] – Resigned Minister of Local Government Ganga Persaud last evening issued a blistering attack on persons and media outlets which sought to implicate him in a relationship with a minor and suggesting that he was accused of rape.

See text of full statement issued by Ganga Persaud:

I, Ganga Persaud have noted with deep shock, reports circulating particularly in the social media which tend to suggest and in some instances allege, expressly or by implication, that I had sexual intercourse of some sort with a minor.

I wish to make it abundantly and unequivocally clear that I have had no sexual relations with any minor as is alleged or at all. Neither was such an allegation raised or discussed with me by His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar. These allegations are seriously libelous and are causing me and my family severe public humiliation, embarrassment and trauma.

I hereby request that those circulating these false, malicious and libelous matters of and concerning me, cease forthwith.  I have instructed my lawyers to proceed with litigation against every person, entity or company who continue to publish, or repeat the publication of these baseless, malicious and libelous allegations.



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