Ganga confident BCCI impasse will end amicably

Daren Ganga
Daren Ganga
Daren Ganga

[] – Former national captain and West Indies opener Daren Ganga says the current impasse between the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will most likely end amicably.

The BCCI has sent a lawsuit the way of the West Indies after the regional cricketers pulled out of a tour of India recently, due to a payment structure impasse with their players Association (WIPA) and the WICB. The BCCI angered by the situation sent a bill valued US$41.97m to the WICB and gave them 15 days to respond officially with a proposed format for repayment. The WICB has since written to the BCCI basically telling them that they are broke and to revisit the situation.

Ganga thinks the long standing relationship between the WICB and the BCCI should work in their favour. “I think the BCCI wants to make an example of the West Indies using this situation. They of course suffered losses but I think at the end of the day, some payment might be needed but it would end up amicably. Both boards have enjoyed great relations in the past and I don’t think they would allow this to go very far.”

Ganga said that the result of what went on in India is just an example of the lack of good governance of the sport in the Caribbean. “We need better governance when it comes to cricket administration in the Caribbean, we have been lacking in this sector for a while and this is now manifesting itself for the world to see. It is a very embarrassing situation and we are not looking good out there.

“There must be better governance of the sport in the region and to achieve this, you need to have better governance of the sport at the territorial level. We need to have better administrators coming through from the club level up. Our clubs in this country for example are not even properly set-up and this hampers them from going to corporate TT for sponsorship and stuff, so we need to take a look from the bottom level and then we would see better governance at the top.” (Trinidad Guardian)




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