GABF issues response to LABA



Nigel Hinds
Nigel Hinds

[] – The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) has delivered a timely response to LABA’s position regarding suspended and fined Linden players Dwayne Roberts and Shane Webster.

Both players who were apart of the Guyana national team that took part in the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships in the British Virgin Islands were suspended and fined for off court misconduct.

However, the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) in a recent statement from Secretary of the Association, Joe Chapman highlighted that since the Association is not in receipt of any official documentation of the suspended players then they will be eligible to play in upcoming tournament in Linden.

Such a statement was shot down by President of the GABF as he replied with an email on Sunday evening the highlighted that Chapman did receive the correspondence of the players’ suspension and fines.

“I understand the pressure LABA is under to have a positive relationship with the clubs affiliated to LABA; however, embracing extreme time preference at the expense of discipline and adherence to policy is very counterproductive.

“The players suspended and fined refused to return the GABF uniforms when requested by Manager Junior Hercules. The players acknowledged they had the uniforms in their possession and kept the uniforms at the time.” Hinds noted via the email about the suspension of the players.

Further Hinds also revealed the players that have returned the uniforms and paid the outstanding fines.

““So far we have received uniforms from: Ray Victor, Shelroy Thomas, Akeem Kanhai and a partial return by Ryan Stephany. Shelroy Thomas also paid the fine. In addition, management of DC Jammers have conveyed to me that they have received uniforms from Gordon Klaiber and Keron McKenzie – these will be shipped to me shortly.”


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