GABA takes boxing to Mahdia for the first time


Ameture Boxing[] – The Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA) in collaboration with Mark Young and Vidya will be taking boxing to Mahdia, Region 8 for the very first time in Guyana’s history on Saturday May 24.

Admission is $1,000. The competition is to be start at 19:00hrs with fighters from Georgetown and Essequibo versus Mahdia; the first fight will be Akeem Mounter versus Cornell Willson, the winner of that fight will face off with Travis Caesar from Mahdia in the main bout.

The second and third fight will be Shane Skeete against Dellon Jeffrey and Stephan Smith against Brandon Lashley; other fights will include Agussi Garrett, Dominique, Moseley, Noah, Troy, Trevor and Dequan.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, May 21 President of GABA Steve Ninvalle stated that since it will be the first time in Mahdia, the GABA will work hard to host more events throughout the country so that boxers from all across Guyana will get the chance to show their talent.

The next GABA event will commence next weekend in Buxton, East Coast Demerara.



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