Funding cleared for construction of new Bagotsville main access road bridge

House resolved itself into a committee of Supply to consider the administration’s second supplementary request from the national coffers to the tune of some $2B.

The damaged Bagotsville Main Access Road bridge on the West Coast Demerara (WCD) is to be replaced with a new steel reinforced concrete one. According to a government release, funding for the construction which will amount to $120M was cleared last evening by the National Assembly.

Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson explained that of the $120M, $113 will facilitate the reconstruction of the bridge. The remaining $17M will provide for preparatory works, the Minister was quoted by DPI/GINA as saying.

He explained that these will include constructing a bypass timber road that will direct traffic to alternative routes, whilst the main access bridge is being constructed.

Also provided for is “fixing and patching” of the alternative route and relocation of utilities.

According to DPI/GINA, Minister Patterson told the House that the works are expected to take three months. He said that the Ministry has already preselected four qualified contractors for the execution of the works, but explained that no award has yet been made. The contractors were selected from the Ministry’s prequalification list, based on meeting such criteria as their financial standing.

The main access bridge at Bagotsville became impassable to heavy traffic on June 22, due to two damaged supporting beams. Since then, only light vehicles were allowed to traverse the bridge. Heavy duty vehicles were diverted to the Canal Number One Polder and La Parfaite Harmonie, respectively.

Minister Patterson said when completed the new access bridge would allow for the return to normalcy, and a quality infrastructure.



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