‘Free fuel’ to stop flowing for former Gov’t officials


By Fareeza Haniff

Guyoil Gas Station.[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC administration has clamped down on those former government officials who continue to abuse the process of receiving fuel from the Guyana Oil Company (GUYOIL) at the expense of the State, even though they are no longer eligible for such.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon described it as “serious abuse” by the previous administration, pointing out that the government has received reports of a number of officials of the former PPP government and their relatives still accessing the credit system at various Guyoil gas stations.

In this regard, Harmon noted that government has since requested GuyOil to submit the various accounts and statements so that the situation can be dealt with.

“We are investigating it, I have in my possession that government personnel in the previous administration were abusing that authority… we have asked GuyOil to present us with these accounts and these statements and those persons that were drawing fuel and not paying for it, will have to pay for it. It is simple as that. If you carry your family, your friends and everybody drawing down – that is our money, the people’s money,” Harmon told reporters.

He also promised to release information during the course of next week, pertaining to persons who had contracts awarded “to them personally” during the last months of the previous government.




  1. With the previous gov officials still uplifting gasoline this is disrespectfull this is to show how the pervious goverment ruined the country abusing the system the present government needs to also look into to other areas where goverment officials received travel telephone and other allowances that the previous officials might still be taken advantage like the gasoline situation

  2. Randy do you know this to be a facts? If so brother I need to talk to you about the upcoming US lottery numbers. I will be eternally greatful.

  3. So true Gary, they ver sleekly. I been saying it when ever they out their family,friends& them would be on solid ground.smdh

  4. Its funny …I read the above comments and I smile .. I am happy tht the govt pluggin these holes …but let me point out …the new govt would be doin worst in as much as 5 yrs … Hope yall just as happy to say shame shame shame when harmon grandson is the 1 gettin free fuel at the taxpayers expense …!

  5. i do find it very strange that , the former, official of the last goverment, is acting like this, mr granger you need to set an example of them, and tell them this is wrong, ppp is so selfish, they wolves in sheep clothing, our fomer presidents , would not be silent, the people support you, sir, kinly act on our behalf
    and stop this madness, and lock up the the big crooks, that stole billions from the people of this country, mr barat , and mr rohee, go look for work, we dont want pay
    barat three million a month, go look for work, and remove the state security from them, let the ppp gaurd thier own,we need our policemen , to fight crime, not to gaurd, a bunch of kids, ppp, pay your bills, gas, water, gpl, all the the freeness is
    gone, get a job
    and feel the heat, you want to go to hell, dont worry let me welcome you, you already in it, hahahaahahah, welcome

  6. They calling it ethnic cleansing, to scare the Government from from removing their cronies from key areas. APNU AFC their is no way these people could remain in key position. Many more instances like this will come forth. move those people forthwith and place them before the courts where there are wrongdoings. Minister westford must not be aloud to get away with her wrongdoings.

  7. I am sick to know that Mr. Harmon will be saying this at this hour, that instruction should have been given to the Guyoil Management since May 12, 2015. Mr. Harmon did you guys check what’s going on with the electricity bill payment for the former government officials and friends, you better check in at GPL with Deonarine, Dindyal, Barrsington, Duncan, Sharma, Mohamed. When you guys move in the right direction it will be too late.

  8. I am loving how the new government is plugging all the holes the PPP friends and family is still living off of the taxpayers…getting free fuel the nerve of these CROOKS…there is no end to them using the system to the bitter end…Make them pay and jail them…SHAME…SHAME…they want to still bleed the taxpayers.

  9. It’s in their blood. At this point and time they [pppc and there friends and families] are still trying to get away with steeling. It seems to be a natural thing to them all. No shame, no shame they have.

  10. Even when not in power these blood suckers continue to feed at the well of freeness one can only imagine what they did when in power. The abuse must be astronomical and ingrained for them to still feel privileged enough to do this. They must be made to repay the cost of the fuel. The free ride is over. Guyana can no longer afford these Kings, Queens and the rest of the royal entourage, family and friends of the local masters.It’s a new day. Mr. and Mrs. thug life.


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