Former Top Cop Henry Greene’s estate now under control of Public Trustee

The late Henry Greene, former Top Cop

The estate of the late Police Commissioner Henry Greene, has been taken over by the State and its administration is now in the care of the Public Trustee.

Legal sources have since expressed surprise at the revelation since it obtains as a result of no persons staking a claim to Greene’s property.

The late Henry Greene, former Top Cop
The late Henry Greene, former Top Cop

The information, according to at least one lawyer, is puzzling to say the least, since former Chief Justice (ag), Ian Chang, had ordered that the estate of the former Police Commissioner be divided between his reputed wife Gail Stoll and his two children.

Greene’s two children, Troy and Shelda, had moved to the courts claiming millions of dollars in assets from his reputed wife and her Attorney Robin Hunte in 2013 shortly after the Police Commissioner’s demise.

Greene died in 2012, following a horrific car accident, leaving millions of dollars in assets, including several vehicles, holdings in the gold mining sector and several other properties, including a poultry and livestock farm at Kuru-Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.

The information relating to the acquisition of Greene’s estate by the State has been officially gazetted and dated Saturday, September 3, 2016.

The notice lists the estates of 18 deceased persons to have their affairs be administered by the Public Trustee’s Office.

According to information provided in the Official Gazette, The Office of the Public Trustee/Official Receiver is headed by the Public Trustee/Official Receiver and is primarily responsible for the administration of the estates of deceased persons. The Public Trustee/Official Receiver may also undertake to do the following: act as the Executor or Administrator of a will; act as the guardian or receiver of the property of a minor or person under disability; and take possession of and administer the estate of any person who is absent from Guyana and who is not fully represented by an Attorney in Guyana and who has left debts unpaid.

The Official Gazette identifies in its publication, the “Estate of Wilfred Henry Greene, also known as Henry Greene, deceased of Lot 52 Essequibo Street, Lamaha Springs, Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

It has further called on “all persons having claims as creditors against the deceased or his/her estate must lodge same at the office of the Public Trustee/Official Receiver, Attorney General’s Chambers, Lot 95 Carmichael Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, within three months from the date of the first publication of this notice.”

The latest publication is the third such.

The Public Trustee/Official Receiver also manages trusts and administers entities in liquidation pursuant to the provisions of the Insolvency Act and also facilitates the payment of monetary judgments and costs awarded by the Court against the State.






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