Former Political Advisor challenges Gov’t following dismissal; claims $2.7M in payment

Former Political Advisor and Local Government Minister, Clinton Collymore
Former Political Advisor and Local Government Minister, Clinton Collymore
Former Political Advisor and Local Government Minister, Clinton Collymore

[] – Former Political Advisor and Local Government Minister, Clinton Collymore has issued a writ of summons, challenging his dismissal from office by the APNU+AFC government.

Collymore is also claiming that the government owes him $2,744,587. The matter is fixed for hearing in Commercial Court on September 16, 2015 and names Attorney General, Basil Williams as a defendant.

Collymore is being represented by Attorney, Anil Nandlall, who is also the country’s former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister. In the writ, seen by iNews, Collymore is claiming that on May 28, 2015, he received a letter from the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Local Government Ministry, informing him that he failed to report for work at the Ministry since May 15, thus he has been dismissed.

“Since Management did not hear from you by way of telephone or any other form of communication, we deem your absence from work as representing voluntary termination. At no time either was a medical certificate submitted to indicate you were ill and couldn’t be at work. Under the terms and conditions of your current contract of engagement, you have forfeited all your benefits,” the letter states.

But Collymore, in his legal action, claims that his dismissal as well as the forfeiture of his benefits is unlawful.

Collymore says he is contractually entitled to:

  • Unpaid salary for the months of

June, July & August @ $333,684

per month                                             $1,000,952


  • Unpaid duty allowance

@ $10,000 per month                           $     30,000


  • Unpaid gardener’s allowance

@ $25,000 per month                           $     75,000


  • Unpaid maid allowance

@ $25,000 per month                           $     75,000


  • Payment of utility services

(telephone and electricity bills)        $   128,000


  • 42 days vacation leave per year

with pay                                               $   317,794


  • Annual vacation allowance

@ 1 month’s basic salary                    $   333,684


  • 1 month’s salary in lieu of notice $   333,684


  • Gratuity for 6 months at the rate

of 22.5% of salary                                $   450,473



According to Collymore, he signed a contract with the then PPP government, dated August 15, 2014 and was engaged to perform the duties of Ministerial Advisor upon certain terms and conditions set out in the said contract, including a monthly rate of salary and certain monthly allowances.

The contract he said was with the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development for a term of one year.




  1. With rights comes responsibilities and it’s his contractual responsibility to be on the job and as per norn when one is unable to be on the job, they would call in sick or have someone do it on their behalf if the situation warrants so.

  2. Even if ppp wasn’t a success, they looking far better than this crap for government that we have now. So you could imagine how worst this government is.

  3. All I would say in response to your comment, Hawkeye ,is that you are watching things with a Cock Eye .

  4. At least they brought Guyana from being the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere to a Middle Income Developing Country according to the World Bank. You don’t see people with kadge or keerah [white mouth] anymore , as happened with the PNC before 1992. But take your time, kadge or Keera [white mouth] coming back !! After that you get moonwalk .You never heard about that ,eh ?

  5. I hear you bobby,You seems to be spewing venom since the election loss. CC is culpable by association. If he was a good headmaster then he would have been more just and sensible to avoid the PPP during their sojourn into excesses.
    When students spits the venom of their masters the world cannot be a better place.
    Since you seems to be closely associated with the laundry of the ex minister who according to you is an avartar of Lord Rama you can tell all of Guyana what is his area of expertise and what are some specifics of his advise that change the course of local government in Guyana.

  6. Which people? Surujbollers and Lowenfield?Just wait a while, the matter coming up soon . Hold tight , Bro. Hold tight !

  7. Give them one year and all their supporters will sing a different tune,some start already,not even three months and they have a pay raise for doing nothing,imagine if they were doing any good what would happen,they took our rice and then want us to take it back because they fail to sell it,how in the world will we feed our family if we cannot sell our rice?The sell out ,Judas Naggas should come to Berbice and explain to us how come we are in this situation,but then again he has no pride ,all he needs is power but his turn is coming,they will kick him out and he will have to face reality.

  8. Yes, you are right, including Ramotar, Rohee, Nandlall and the rest of the cabal. They were all fired, by the people.

  9. Rohit Parmanand , your comment is long but unfortunately has only one sentence that makes any sense,and that is, “I would like to see his contract.” Besides , your English is deplorably poor. But it is left for you to decide on whether you want to write in English and embarrass yourself, or in Creolese, or a mixture of both, the latter two being quite acceptable . You shouldn’t just sit down , form an opinion out of space , and spout your mouth, without ascertaining the facts about other people’s background. Did you know that Mr. Clinton Collymore was an outstanding Headmaster in the days when a headmaster was a highly respectable member of our society? If you should read his weekly articles in the press in those days you would wish you’d fallen into the earth or would want to go back to school , if you have any ambition. Do you also know that Mr. Collymore was once a Minister himself? What you should do is to let the courts decide on the merits or demerits of the man’s case and shut your spout, rather than engage in foolish talk like the other pranksters about ” jail, jail, jail ” . Get some sense , Rohit , get some sense!

  10. After spending billons on their cronies, this government is still to come clean on a fraud case. Their is already over 5 court matter pending against the current administration.

  11. Leave with some dignity these people have no shame… Didn’t interject when others were sacked and set up loosing all their benefits under last government.
    Too bad and good riddance fool…

  12. This Clinton Collymore hack is an example of the worst of the PPP. A feeling of entitlement that knows no shame. Why does this PPP partisan think that the people of Guyana as represented by the Coalition government owes him anything? He should have done the right thing once the official election results were published, i.e. resign. I hope the court asks him to pay all costs that the government has to bear for this ridiculous case and sentence him to community service for stupidity.

  13. WTF????? Maid Service, Gardener Service, Gratuity, Telephone & Electricity, Vacation Allowance????? So in other words the citizens of Guyana was paying for his upkeep? why must any Government pay these things? What the HELL was going on in Guyana? THIS IS LAWLESSNESS TO THE N’TH DEGREE!

  14. I don’t get it, y is he taking the government to court?
    As far as I understand the government is in their right to dismiss him.
    He’s on a contractual agreement with the government and hasn’t came to work since May the 15 to his dismissal date May 28 which makes him absent for 2 weeks without any notification, ah come on! He should be jailed.

  15. As expected any news about former PPPC ministers or those who worked in the different ministries for the previous administration, attract immediate attention from some of the bloggers in this medium. All they could do is condemn, condemn condemn.they are all, like Moses The Naga man, NAMAKHARAMS. It was the PPPC administration that got Guyana out of the rot and on the world stage all for good reasons. No thanks from them ; they are shameless
    Just wait; rice flour is on the menu again, soon

  16. Tell you what, Collymore should be jailed for false representation. Zulficar Mustapha, Gail texteira and Clinton Collymore are Presidential Adviser, what is this world coming to?. Lord please have mercy on these Chimps. The entire PPP are made of thieves and jokers, this is the only job they are qualified for so I don’t know about this Presidential Adviser thing. As far as I am concerned, the entire PPP should be jailed for all the Corruptions they have committed, but the Coalition Govt is toying around with these crooks. Come on arrest and jail them, they have caused much suffering upon the Guyanese people.

  17. Who was this guy advising and what advice can he give. HE was on a gravy handout from the PPP. He cant even speak english doesnt have a proper education but advising a minister.
    This man was getting 600 thousand dollars a month for doing nothing absolutely nothing.
    Advisor my eye, he should go to jail rather than given a recourse.
    I would love to see his contract.
    He had a driver and a state vehicle and security also.
    What i notice how speedy these trials are going on. Something smell fishy.

  18. Why this man is not in jail, he has the gumption to take this govt to court? Give three life time and 60 years in jail. Damn criminal, he and he buddies in he PPP


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