Foreign animals set to grace local zoo as Petting Zoo officially opens


By Jomo Paul

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Robert Persaud (right) and others look on as some children cut the ribbons, declaring the Petting Zoo open. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud says that a host of animals from foreign continents will soon be gracing the cages and other animal facilities of the zoological park in another few months as part of an animal exchange project.

Persaud was at the time speaking at the Commissioning of Guyana’s first ever Petting Zoo on Sunday, February 08, located at a dedicated spot in the Zoological Park on Vlissingen Road, Georgetown.

“Just recently we have been able to conclude a zoo to zoo exchange programme and this zoo to zoo exchange programme will see us having a batch of new animals – species you cannot find within Guyana and even South America and we are having some of these brought from as far as Africa,” he said.

He noted that the holding facilities for the animals are currently being developed and the animals are expected to begin arriving in the “coming months.”

Further, Persaud reiterated that the support of corporate Guyana is pivotal towards the development of the Zoological Park.

The Minister told the hundreds of persons gathered for the auspicious occasion, that the upkeep of the zoo is of great importance to the government hence the steps that are being taken to import foreign animals.

This little lady wasted no time in trying to feed the goats some vegetables. [iNews’ Photo]
“What we seek to do create is a family friendly environment particularly for children so that they can interact more and understand more, the rich biological diversity that our country possess and have a better appreciation of the fauna, the animals that we have the birds that we have,” the Natural Resources Minister said.

In addition, he related that the government it currently considering the option of installing more security cameras in the environs of the Zoologica Park.

He said that this is being done in an effort to “have a handle on who’s coming and who’s coming in terms of activity.”

Although the Petting Zoo, which is a relatively new concept for Guyana was only commissioned today, it has been open to the public for quite some time.

It features domesticated animals such as rabbits, horses, donkeys and goats. Although patrons do not have to pay a fee to enter the facility, snacks are specially available for the animals with a cost attached.

Today hundreds of children wasted no time in exploring the facility, taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with the animals.




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