Fmr. Gov’t Minister slams APNU+AFC for firing Yvonne Pearson

Yvonne Pearson
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues - Birkett.
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues – Birkett.

[] – Former Minister of Foreign Affairs under the previous government, Carolyn Rodrigues – Birkett is not taking too lightly the decision of the APNU+AFC administration to fire Yvonne Pearson.

Person served as the Advisor to former Minister of Amerindian Affairs [now the Indigenous People’s Affairs], Pauline Sukhai. However, she was relieved of her duties by the new Minister, Sydney Allicock.

Rodrigues – Birkett took to her Facebook Page, criticizing the decision but while she accepted that there will be changes in personnel at certain levels whenever a new government takes office, she noted that “one would expect that certain persons with unique and valuable expertise would be retained for at least sometime. Indeed it is only logical to presume this would be the case, given the “national unity” chorus that was sung during the campaign and immediately thereafter.”

The former Minister also took President David Granger to task, reminding of what he said at both his inauguration and during his address to Parliament that he intends to reduce the disparities between the hinterland and the coastland.

“Needless to say you need to have those onboard who are knowledgeable about the many issues and lived and led in those communities.”

Yvonne Pearson
Yvonne Pearson

The new Minister is quoted in one section of the media as saying that he fired Pearson after a considerable review of her performance was done.

“We have been reviewing the structure of operations and we have come to the agreement that we need to undertake some changes…We have not seen the expected output during the course of her time in operation, nor have we seen the end result for the funds used,” the Minister was quoted as saying.

But Rodrigues – Birkett is not moved by the explanation and expressed her pessimism about the ‘national unity’ movement that the APNU+AFC campaigned on.

“Now that I have seen the reasoning behind Mrs Pearson’s immediate sacking, I am saddened by it and indeed pessimistic about the “national unity” objective. Dismissing a valuable resource such as Mrs Pearson was not what I envisaged to be part of it: her only “sin” it seems is her open support for the PPP/C.”

According to the former government Minister, “Mrs Pearson is probably the most decorated Amerindian (Indigenous) person. Significantly, these plaudits come not only from her Mainstay community but from Amerindians countrywide. She served as Toshao of her village for several years, Chairperson of the National Toshaos Council where she was elected by her peers, Member of the Indigenous Peoples Commission and she also served as President of the Amerindian People’s Association. The foregoing demonstrates the respect she has earned throughout the country.”

She further advised Pearson to continue being strong and advocating for Amerindian people and for Guyana.

“In my book you’re one phenomenal GUYANESE and no one can take that away from you. The Ministry is poorer without your wealth of knowledge and experience,” Rodrigues – Birkett said.



  1. Does one swallow make a summer? Ms. Pearson has left a rich legacy and can assume a different role at this stage of her social career. However, no one is infallible and indispensable. Let another generation after her build it’s legacy! The test of a good leader is to induce others to lead as s/he transmit institutional memory. Such leaders know when to leave the stage and give what there is no value to keeping, knowledge, so as to be honoured for posterity.

  2. Every government has the right to appoint their most trusted allies their side, since that government is only as strong as the persons whispering in their ears.

  3. Nope. Ms. Pearson has a chance to make a comeback at the Local Government Elections. If she was that good representing her community of Whyaka-Mainstay.

  4. Contrary to Ms. Rodrigues-Birkett opinion Ms. Pearson is not highly regarded by all within the Amerindian communities. Let Ms. Rodrigues-Birkett conduct a survey within the community of Mainstay & Tapakuma to find out the opinion of the Indigenous people of Ms. Pearson.

  5. I understand the former Minister feeling for Ms. Pearson but like she also said when a new government comes along changes will be made. To Ms. Rodrigues’ government’s (PPP/C) standards Ms. Pearson’s work was of high quality. To the new Government APNU*AFC it is not, hence the change. Ms. pearson has openly backed the PPP/C through all the wrong doing they have done, so I do not think she is in a position to uphold wrong doing whether it is with the new Government or the old, and if she chooses to speak out now that a new government is in place then she will be labeled a hypocrite. In my humble opinion it is better for her to go.

  6. She worked under the previous regime and it is the prerogative of the new administration to decide if she is professional and independently visioned enough to serve them. If they think she will be good enough to work along side them then so be it, if not, ciao baby…


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