Finance Minister dismisses Opposition’s assessment of Budget 2015

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan [iNews' Photo]

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan  [iNews' Photo]
Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, was most dismissive of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, stating that he made no headway with his “nonsensical ramblings.”

Minister Jordan revisited the many budgets he was a part of, on both sides of the House.

“So even though I may be a young Parliamentarian, I am an ‘ole head’ and it is the same thing over and over. Nothing speaks to the issues of the day and I am sick of it,” the Finance Minister said.

According to Jordan, the repetitive sterility is not only in the style of Jagdeo, but in the speeches presented by Opposition members during their presentations. He noted that the public’s reaction (to the budget) has been positive and encouraging, serving as confirmation that they rejected Jagdeo’s criticisms of the proposed 2015 Budget.

Minister Jordan recapped reasons for optimism in his 2015 Budget, where he noted that one of the key signifiers for a positive look in any budget is the response of the private sector.

“The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is pleased with the $221B 2015 fiscal Budget, noting its pleasure that several of its recommendations were taken on board…particularly those that would act as a stimulus to the economy,” Jordan said.

Jordan also reminded the House that the allocation of funds for roads, bridges, air and river transport, and particularly the rehabilitation of hinterland airstrips, was also welcomed not only by the PSC, but the general populace as this kind of foresight will undoubtedly boost the integration of hinterland communities into the economic life of the coastland.

In terms of the salary hike, the Minister emphasized that, “everyone welcomes the salary and wage increases for the public service and especially the significant increase in old age pensions. These will undoubtedly provide welcome relief to a large component of the citizenry, as is the case with the decision to lower tolls for the Berbice River Bridge.”

Touching directly on economics, the Finance Minister said the economy registered a 3.8 percent economic growth, not the originally touted 5.6 percent, and not the revised target of 4.5 percent.

Jordan reported that Guyana’s economy is expected to grow by 3.4 % at the end of 2015. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. Indian and amerindian ..This Government will do nothing for your kind. YOU all have to assess yourself and most importantly work together by creating strong councils and organizations free from corruption. Through such you all have to fend for your own people. FIND new market and be lnovative.You people have to control your own destiny. Government and opposition will do nothing for you. You all have to control your own village and your regions. Start Afresh. Get up ..Wake up..Time now for you People to WORK TOGETHER.

  2. Minister Jordan stated that the Berbice river bridge toll has been lowered. By how much? $300. But who will pay for this reduction? It’s the tax payers as the treasury has to fund the shortfall. That’s trickery. What could you buy with that amont of money?
    Old age pension has been increased. But wait! They now have to pay for water and electricity like everybody else except those in Linden. They no longer have subsidised or no electricity and water rates charges. They have all been removed. Another trickery. These people feel because they are ministers and shout at the top of their voices in parliament they are the brightest bulbs. Only the gullible will applaud such a budget

  3. People must condemn Nagamootoo for his racist, anti-Indian slur at Jagdeo. This man must be sanctioned. His anger, rage and hate for Jagdeo does not allow him to denigrate the entire Indian community.

    And why are they paying this man $90M? This fool was abusive and belligerent and insisted his salary be higher than the attorney general. This egomaniac was scoffing, “I am the prime minister and he is just opposition leader” referring to Jagdeo.

    He must be sanctioned!


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