Finance Minister criticises agenda of Investment Conference


Guyana whilst it has made progress is still far from complete. This is according to Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, who was speaking about Guyana as an investment destination.

He also added that if current investorship is anything to go by then Guyana is indeed a work in progress.

The Minister, who commended the two day Guyana Investment Conference, was also critical of the agenda for failing to include two impediments to business- the cost of energy and the cost of bandwidth.

These two areas Dr. Singh said have often been highlighted by the local private sector as prohibitive points to business.

However, Canadian High Commissioner David Devine, in response to Dr. Singh’s concerns said that indeed these topics were dealt with at one of the sessions that the minister may not have been present for.

High commissioner Devine also pointed out that the programme for the conference was also widely shared with stakeholders as it was being developed.

He noted that the intention was to keep the programme as balanced as possible but this was not without difficulty as there are a wide range of issues to be covered.

The two day conference wraps up today covering topics of corporate governance and security.[Delicia Fletcher]